Honda Accord: An icon of elegance, comfort, and sophistication.

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Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a medium sedan which offers luxury and comfort for family and business travellers. Filled with top-quality accessories, this car is guaranteed to please. The Honda Accord is the ideal vehicle if you’re searching for a family sedan or you’re away for long periods on the road. Adding a touch of luxury, the Accord is a popular pick.

Honda Accord Delivers Comfort and Luxury in a Sedan

The Accord is one of the most popular models in the Honda garage, having been initially launched onto the market in 1976. If you don’t need all of the space that the sedan model offers, there is a Coupe alternative, offering a sportier style and sleeker silhouette with only two doors.

There’s the choice of engines too with both gas and the more popular diesel on offer under the hood. A turbocharged four-cylinder in 1.5 litre starts off the range which increases in power up to the meaty 2.5 litre engine. A hybrid engine is also offered for those who want the green option, powered by a lithium battery.

A Design that You’ll Love

Honda has a solid and heavyweight design in the Accord that adds a sense of sophistication, making it look much more expensive than the price tag reveals.

A number of features on the exterior provide an elegant impression at first glance. A dual exhaust, chrome grille, body coloured bumpers and door handles heated mirrors and LED lights are just some of the highlights.

Moving inside the car, the trim conveys even more comfort and luxury, making every journey a pleasure. Heated front seats, audio controls on the steering wheel, rear electric windows and climate control plus an infotainment system which includes Bluetooth can all be found inside.

It’s not just the passengers who benefit from the car accessories on the Honda Accord as there are a number of useful driver aids too. These include a multi-view camera, daytime running lights, automatic high beam, remote engine start and a walk away lock, all delivering convenience, and quality.

Staying Safe on the Road with the Accord

Driver safety is something that Honda take very seriously and on the Accord, there’s a whole host of features to protect the occupants of the vehicle.

Technology offers ever-increasing levels of safety and security, providing an advantage to those on the road. The anti-collision system fitted in the Honda Accord is the perfect example of this. In the event that the system detects that a collision may be imminent, a number of alerts go off including tugging on the seatbelt and chiming. The car’s automatic emergency braking system will also kick in.

There are a number of other safety features which are included in the Accord such adaptive cruise control, an automatic driving system which makes sure a safe distance is always kept between vehicles, adjusting the speed where necessary. There’s also a lane departure warning system, traction control, and superior protection courtesy of 3x3 point seat belts and airbags.

The Honda Accord isn’t the biggest vehicle in this car class but despite this, it comes out on top for luxury features and superior comfort. With plenty of room for both driver and passengers to enjoy a comfortable ride, the Accord is a medium sedan that is hard to beat.