Honda HR-V: A refined crossover that's practical and handsomely designed

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Honda HR-V

With just one glance you can tell that the Honda HR-V is an SUV with a difference. Far smaller than the rest of the SUV pack, it was designed to offer plenty of space but coupled with a far superior performance on the road, no matter the driving conditions. While most other SUVs have focussed on their off-road and all-terrain ability, the HR-V is all about the everyday driving experience. This feature is one that makes the Honda HR-V more of a hybrid than a true SUV.

Honda HR-V: the Compact SUV

Get behind the steering wheel of this Honda and you won’t feel as if you’re driving a compact car because of the high driving position. This gives you an advantage over other car users in regular sedans or hatchbacks. However, the driving position is where the similarity ends because once you’re up and running, you’ll discover that the engine lacks the awkwardness of the typical SUV with a far smoother performance.

Highlighting one big difference is that the HR-V doesn’t offer all-wheel drive, an unusual omission for an SUV. You will still have the option of either a manual or automatic engine, with the choice of a 1.5-litre gas or 1.6L diesel.

Comfortable Ride Inside

Despite the higher riding position of the HR-V compared to most other regular vehicles on the road, the HR-V is still lower than the rest of the SUV pack. Nevertheless, you’ll have an excellent view from the driving seat but the layout is more akin to a comfortable car.

The set-up of the dash is intuitive yet simple and as a thoughtful touch, the shift stick is located higher up than usual so drivers aren’t left fumbling around to find it.

The smaller dimensions in the rear mean that the back window isn’t quite as expansive as the front but drivers won’t find this a problem because of the presence of both parking sensors and a rearview camera.

An excellent infotainment system provides entertain while on the go, and as you increase through the trim levels more features are added in.

A flexible seating arrangement is one of the big selling points of the HR-V as the special Magic Seat system allows a variety of different configurations. The HR-V allows seats to not just be flattened but also moved, creating a narrow gap in the centre which provides space for long, thin cargo such as bicycles.

Staying Safe in the City

Despite the fact that the HR-V isn’t destined for extensive off-road use, Honda still offers plenty of safety features.

These include emergency braking, alarm, and immobilizer on every model as standard with automatic headlights, lane departure warning and pre-collision warning system all available to be added.

The Honda HR-V is a vehicle that offers the best of both worlds, bringing comfort and style together with the dimensions of an SUV. A spacious car that isn’t too large, there’s top-notch performance and handling which is why the HR-V is such a hit.