Honda Odyssey: The family van redefined.

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Honda Odyssey

If you’re looking for a minivan which offers plenty of space but doesn’t sacrifice style or driving performance, take a look at the Honda Odyssey. This stylish minivan is crammed full of luxury features this vehicle will be loved by both driver and passengers alike.

The Honda Odyssey Offers a Comfortable Ride with Plenty of Room

All of these features make it hard to place the Honda Odyssey into one particular category, is it a crossover, SUV or minivan? It’s fair to say that the Odyssey is perhaps a mix of all three, a modern hybrid which takes the best of each. What you will find is a vehicle that has sufficient room for eight passengers but without the unappealing van-like appearance.

You’ll find there’s a lower ground clearance than is present on the SUVs on the market but the same amount of space inside. There’s room for both passengers and cargo plus there’s an impressive towing capacity too.

Under the hood, you’ll find a powerful 3.5-litre V6 engine which delivers excellent acceleration and 280 of horsepower. Depending on which trim you choose, there’s either a nine or ten-speed automatic transmission to complete the package.

Take a Tour Inside

The Magic Slide seating system has never been more useful than in the Odyssey and allows the seating to be configured in a range of different ways. In addition to folding and sliding, the seats can be taken out completely which provides even more capacity to carry cargo inside. If the second and third rows are removed, it’s possible to fit 52 suitcases inside, a pretty impressive capacity and one of the largest on offer compared to similar vehicles.

Along with the superior cargo capacity, the interior of the car is comfortable with a number of luxury features which wouldn’t typically be included in a minivan. These include a heated steering wheel, power adjustable front seating, voice-activated climate control and bucket seats.

An integrated entertainment system is useful for long journeys and when the vehicle isn’t in use, an immobilizer and perimeter alarm provide security.

The Minivan that Keeps Passengers Safe

Honda is a manufacturer with a reputation for putting safety at the top of the agenda and the Odyssey is yet another excellent example of this.

Drivers get a helping hand to keep the vehicle on the road in all conditions with technology such as adaptive cruise control, emergency braking and blind spot monitoring. Additional features which you could find on the Odyssey include lane keeping assist, traction control, parking sensors, backup camera and low tire pressure warning.

Side impact beams provide protection for all occupants inside the vehicle plus there are side, front and knee airbags for the driver and passengers in the first row. The second and third rows have the protection of curtain airbags, plus there is an airbag occupancy sensor which can detect whether a passenger is travelling.

Larger vehicles don't need to be basic or uncomfortable, as the Honda Odyssey shows. Combining plenty of room with luxury, this vehicle also includes many other features to pamper both passengers and driver alike.