H3T: Ruggedness combined with modern usability

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Useful, attractive and powerful: these three characteristics are the most sought after from off-road trucks. But you can’t simply look for just capability in a truck and neglect all the other aspects that make the vehicle stand out and then try to convince experienced drivers to buy it. On the contrary - one such vehicle that has everything from looks to power and utility is the midsize crew-cab Hummer H3T. It is comfy, stylish, enjoyable to drive and useful as a work truck. The open cargo area is a practical pickup bed great for all kinds of gear, bikes and other outdoor stuff. The cabin features a handsome design and comfy seats with plenty of head and legroom in both rows.

A Full-Time Four Wheel Drive System

The 3.7-litre inline five-cylinder engine performs wonderfully on rugged terrains together with the standard five-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive system. The fact that the truck has four-wheel drive as a standard feature is pretty impressive, giving it amazing capability for towing and off-roading. The engine generates 239 horsepower and 241 lb.-ft. of torque and can tow over 4,600 pounds. It is nicely settled thanks to the truck’s extra wheelbase as well as the corresponding weight. Some of the features that add to the overall performance of the Hummer H3T are its 16-inch steel wheels, cruise control and 9.5 inches of ground clearance.

Off-Roading And Driving Around The City

Whether you’re thinking of going off-roading or highway driving, your Hummer H3T will deliver with plenty of power to spare and pleasant comfort inside the cabin. The truck was built to overcome rugged terrain and tow heavy objects with ease. Its engine has enough muscle to glide over rocks, mud or steep ledges and its handy skid plates skilfully prevent any kind of damage to the underside. This tough truck is able to perform smoothly over pavement and make the ride enjoyable for all passengers. The chassis is responsible for balancing and enabling a quicker ratio, the steering is precise and the brakes sharp. The Hummer H3T handles with equal confidence on the open road as it does over rough terrain. Even though it’s not a sports car, the versatile features it is equipped with and the strong frame allows it to excel both in the city and during off-roading as well.

A Handsome Cabin

Many work trucks on the market focus on their performance solely and neglect the interior design and comfort. This is not the case with Hummer H3T since you won’t feel the lack of features and style in the cabin. Both rows of seats offer plenty of head and legroom for all passengers who can enjoy the truck’s comfy power seats with heat. Some of the features include air-conditioning, a six-speaker CD stereo and satellite radio, OnStar telematics and Bluetooth connectivity. Safety-wise the truck is fully equipped with the useful OnStar communications system, antilock disc brakes, stability, and traction control.

Not only does the Hummer H3T have a huge pickup bed, but it is also equipped with features that help prevent the cargo from slipping. Due to its size, the open cargo area can carry bicycles, different types of gear, materials like plywood or drywall. The boxy bed comes with bed rails as well as cargo tie-downs, helping to prevent the movement of things inside. There are also several kinds of accessories that enable you to attach things like drawers or cages to the roof and bed of the truck. In case you need one, there’s a full-size spare neatly tucked under the bed, so definitely consider this beast of a machine if you’re in the market for traditional ruggedness combined with modern usability.