Hyundai: A fine choice for a stylish and economical car

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Hyundai Accent

4-door sedans are abundant on the Canadian market and you have a ton of them to choose from. The Hyundai Accent is worthy of your attention for a number of reasons.

When talking about automobile companies, they are most easily recognized and distinguished by their flagship models. Nissan has the GT-R, Ford has the Mustang, Dodge has the Charger and Challenger. Hyundai, on the other hand, had the Tiburon as one of the most recognizable models of the brand. However, it has also been present in the 4-door sedan segment of the market with the Hyundai Accent. Continue reading to learn more about this remarkable and economical family car.

An Efficient, Yet Subtle Automobile

The Hyundai Accent is a car that many might think offers mediocre performance. That’s certainly not the case, as the Accent offers leading horsepower in its class. This is thanks to an eco-efficient 1.6-litre GDI engine that produces an impressive 137 horsepower, as well as 123 lb.-ft. of torque. Expect to spend much less time at the pump as a result of the dual continuously variable valve timing (D-CVVT), which enhances fuel efficiency and improves torque. The engine also comes equipped with an Active ECO System, which modifies engine and transmission control to help improve fuel economy and enable smarter accelerations. With disc brakes all around, stopping power is also without question.

Functional & Organized From Bumper To Bumper

Your Accent is ideal for indoor enthusiasts, catering to practical and organized owners the most. With heated seats that allow you to warm up and smart storage to keep you organized on the road, the car offers all the modern amenities you’d expect from a 4-door family sedan. Additional standard features like Automatic Temperature Control, steering wheel-mounted control and ample cargo space for all your trip essentials are also included. Overall, the Hyundai Accent combines practicality with premium details to create a comfortable environment for both the driver and passengers.

Stay Safe In Urban Style

Hyundai is a car maker that has a reputation for manufacturing very safe and reliable automobiles. It is no different when it comes to the Accent, as it incorporates a number of standard safety features. Such features include Vehicle Stability Management, a Traction Control System, 6 airbags to help protect you and your passengers, Brake Assist to minimize emergency stopping distance, Active Front Head Restraint to help keep you safe, Electronic Stability Control and countless more. Rest assured your Accent will keep you on the road and fully in control 24/7.

Destined For Your Garage?

The biggest reason why people usually opt to buy sedans over sports coupes and SUVs is that they are the best all-rounders. Offering a good enough compromise between power and practicality, your Accent is both powerful enough on the highway and has the perfect size to get you around the city. With excellent fuel economy, a multitude of safety features and enjoyable driving experience, rest assured the Hyundai Accent offers plenty of bang for your buck.