As far as South Korean automakers go, there was little chance of one becoming successful – until that is, the Hyundai Genesis came into play. Following Toyota’s lead, which introduced its Lexus LS 400 back in 1989, Hyundai waited for two more decades before premiering its award-winning sedan and scoring countless accolades in the process. A well-established and world-class luxury sedan that can more than hold its own against European and American counterparts, here’s everything you need to know about this impressive vehicle.

A Host Of Power Options To Choose From

Depending on the trim level, you’ll be able to choose between several power options under the hood, with the 3.3-litre turbocharged V6 with its 365 horsepower providing the overall best trade-off between insane power and civilized logic. If you want less power but all the grunt that comes with the badge, you can go for the 311-horsepower, normally aspirated 3.8-litre V6, which is nice enough, to begin with. At the other end of the spectrum, though, is the monstrous 5.0-litre V8 with 420 horsepower, designed to provoke your inner racing driver every time you fire it up and it sniffs out a good piece of asphalt. Again, the mid-range 3.3-litre turbocharged V6 should provide more than enough oomph for your daily drives, especially if you consider the fact that it is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission (sport-tuned, of course), as well as the all-wheel-drive system that Hyundai refers to as HTRAC.

The Genesis is not one of those cars that only have their big engines to show for. Riddled with intelligent and adaptive technology, this is a car that also comes with a smart suspension system specifically designed to provide improved driving dynamics. At the same time, you have larger brakes on all four wheels to inspire confidence – ventilated discs both front and back and also monoblock and floating brake calipers at the front and rear, respectively. Then you add the Intelligent Drive Mode into the mix, which allows you to choose how you want your Genesis sedan to respond on the road, and what you end up is nothing short of a computer on wheels. Opt between Sport, Normal or Eco and the Genesis does exactly what the name of each mode describes, becomes sharper, tamer or vanilla on the road, all depending on what your driving mood is like on a particular day.

And Then There’s The Interior Plush

When one defines a car as a “luxury” sedan, it’s pretty clear what buyers can expect to find upon opening the doors. Indeed, the Genesis is at the top of the range in this segment – legroom is textbook proper, meaning that a full-sized family of, let’s say, four will have no trouble stretching inside the Genesis even on longer trips. In addition to all of the various controls and buttons being laid out intuitively, you can also expect to find all the modern conveniences typical of the premium segment in place and abound. There to complete the look and feel of a high-class environment are ventilated and heated front seats, with thigh and torso bolstering for comfort during the long drives.

More Than Enough To Give Competition A Reason For Concern

The outer design of the Hyundai Genesis is yet another aspect of the car that further adds to the fact that it is truly a superior effort of the company. Well-proportioned and handsome, the Genesis represents a more than well-matured choice if you’re on the market for a high-end luxury sedan, but would also like to explore different waters than the usual European and American flagships. Offering very good value and quality for your money, the Hyundai Genesis Sedan is a four-wheeler worthy of investing in any time.