Infiniti: Luxury vehicle division of Nissan

Explore Infiniti's lineup of high performance, luxury coupes, sedans, crossovers, and SUVs


Infiniti is the performance division of Japanese automaker Nissan and the brand has a few impressive accomplishments to note. Read on to learn more.

Founded in 1989, Infiniti is a division of Japanese automaker Nissan. The company has its focus on the luxury market and began producing cars outside of Japan with the QX60. Infiniti changed their model name designation in 2013, with sedan models starting with the letter Q, crossovers and SUVs starting with the letters QX.

The company currently has a range of vehicles based on the Nissan FM platform. The company introduced their Infiniti high-performance (IPL) lineup in 2010. One of these models was the 2011 G37 IPL, complete with its one of a kind IPL tuning package, bold style both inside and outside plus with 348 horsepower, it was the most powerful and thrilling G37 yet.

Infiniti Models

A Brief History

Infiniti started back in 1989; the aim was to focus on the premium car market that would not fit into the main image of Nissan. The brand was created to rival Honda and Toyota, and with voluntary export restraints introduced for the U.S. market, it made sense for car manufacturers to export cars to the U.S.

By the mid-1990s, the brand was lagging in sales behind Acura and Lexus. In 1990, the popular G20 model was reviewed and compared with the Nissan Primera, which was discontinued. In 1997 the brand released the popular QX4, which also allowed Infiniti to become one of the first luxury carmakers to offer a premium SUV.

The company’s logo also has its focus on two representations; it represents both Mount Fuji, as well as the road that extends to the horizon. This reflects Japanese origins.

Initially, the brand was launched with two models, namely the M30 and the Q45, which had a 278hp V8 engine. The M30 remained in production for three years and it was seen as the alternative to the Lexus SC. The M30 had a 162 hp engine with an automatic transmission. As time went on, the company released various other models, while improving a few, and discontinuing others.

Since 2011, the majority of the Infiniti’s sales comes from the G series, which consist of the convertible, coupe and sedan. In 2011, front wheel drive was reintroduced and as such, the Infiniti JX was introduced. The JX was aimed at rivals such as the Acura MDX and the BMW X5. The JX35 is among the most popular vehicle models, along with the Q50 Hybrid.

The Q60 is available in three models, the 2.0t, the 3.0t, and the Red Sport. With its stunning signature look, the Q60 has been granted the prestigious iF Design Award for 2017.

Infinity remains a very impressive automobile brand and their vehicles emphasize performance, handling, technology and well-appointed cockpits. The company's model line up isn't as exhaustive as some of its rivals, but they are a luxury brand that definitely gives their competitors a run for their money.