EX37: Sleek styling, inviting interior

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Infiniti EX37

he Infiniti EX37 is a remarkable piece of automotive technology adorned by a powerful and reliable engine, as well as slick and appealing exterior styling. Keep reading to learn more about this car.

Boasting no less than three different names over the course of its existence, the Infiniti EX can be said to have had somewhat of an identity crisis in one period. It was initially dubbed the EX35, then renamed simply the EX and finally it was christened the QX50, which was meant to keep in line with the most recent naming protocol of the company – one that sees all its SUVs boasting a QX prefix. There have only been slight changes to the features and powertrains of the group throughout the years, with all three being similar. On this particular occasion, let’s take a closer look at the Infiniti EX37 and all it has to offer.

Impressive Power Under the Hood

Designed as a small luxury crossover that was produced between 2011 and 2013, the Infiniti EX was a five-passenger vehicle. Initially fitted with a 3.5-litre V6 engine that generated 297 hp and coupled with a seven-speed automatic transmission that also incorporated manual shift control, the EX was only available in two trim levels. A more powerful engine replaced the 3.5-litre one in 2013; it was a 3.7-litre (hence the change in the name) V6 that packed 325 horsepower. There was a choice between rear-wheel and all-wheel drive, though it didn’t really matter. Either way, there was ample swift acceleration to be found from the SUV (around 6 seconds to reach 100 kilometres per hour from a standstill).

Equally Great in the Corners

Driving dynamics were another strong suit of the EX. Part of that has to do with the fact that it used the same platform as the much-praised Infiniti G Sedan; as a result, it wasn’t wrong to think of the EX as a sport sedan with a taller-than-usual ride height. When it comes to the balance between handling and ride quality, the EX was almost ideal. It felt responsive and sharp in tight corners and comfortable over broken pavement at the same time. The brakes were easy to control and strong, whereas the V6 pulled hard at almost any speed. At the end of the day, buyers who opted to go for the EX instead of the G sedan had a hard time finding major differences between the truly remarkable road manners of the two.

Standard Equipment as Traditionally Defined by Infiniti

“Less is more” is one saying that Infiniti never took too seriously, and the same is obvious when it comes to the EX37. The standard features alone included an iPod/USB audio interface, satellite radio, a rearview camera, leather upholstery, power front seats, dual-zone climate control and keyless ignition/entry. If you wanted extras such as a blind-spot warning system, a collision warning system, adaptive cruise control, a lane-departure warning system, a multi-camera parking system, parking sensors, navigation, a Bose stereo system, a power-folding rear seat, driver memory functions and adaptive xenon lights, it meant you had to go for the higher trim level. Either way, the EX37 came with anything and everything a driver and passenger needed.

Does the Quality Match the Price?

Whether or not you’re a perfectionist doesn’t matter in the case of the impressive Infiniti EX37 – it is a remarkable car by anyone’s standards. It is definitely worth your empty parking space, particularly if you’re on the market for a luxury SUV that has the pedigree of Japanese automotive technology coupled with a Westernized sense of interior styling and exterior sculpting fashion. Some would call it quirky, others would say it is profoundly traditional and there are even those that wouldn’t call it anything – they’d just get in and put their foot down. It doesn’t really matter which group you belong to because this is a great investment even as a used car.