Jaguar XE: A sporty sedan with assertive looks and delivers an agile drive

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Jaguar XE

This sharp-looking sports car performs exceptionally and provides a comfortable and sporty interior. Backed by the amazing sound system, you won’t be bored even on longer rides.

The athletic Jaguar XE surely won’t fail to impress you with its engaging driving dynamics and robust engine power. Its sharp and sporty look on the outside matches the inside with upgrades like sport seats and carbon fiber inlays. You’ll love the fact that it is surprisingly quiet inside even while driving at high speed. As for the infotainment system, it is sleek looking and pretty easy to use. One of the important advantages you’ll notice for this model is its handling. The suspension system limits body roll but it also absorbs bumps remarkably well. All in all, this vehicle’s sporty and athletic handling characteristics won’t fail to impress on the road.

A Quick Engine Response and Super Stylish Interior

The XE’s four-cylinder turbo engine responds very quickly and ensures low fuel costs in comparison to other luxury sports cars. It comes with a refined eight-speed automatic transmission and it is remarkably smooth and responsive. Another important fact is that it’s very fun to drive. The suspension system provides a steady and controlled ride. You are able to adjust steering and throttle response through the drive mode selector which has the following options: Normal, Eco, Dynamic, and Rain/Ice/Snow settings. You also have the all-wheel drive as an available option. All in all, this vehicle is able to accomplish sensible overtakes and entertain you with its demeanour in the process.

The interior in this vehicle feels respectably well assembled and you get a luxurious feel thanks to the high-quality materials. There is plenty of room in the centre of the transmission tunnel for an armrest, then two large cupholders and a cluster of switches for adjusting the drive modes. The seats are very comfortable, both in the back and in the front, and have features like heat and ventilation. The steering wheel is brought easily into reach and the dials are clear. The leather upholstery and ambient interior lighting give you a warm and cozy feel.

A Sleek-Looking Infotainment Setup

The InControl Touch infotainment system that this model uses has a sleek look and feel to it. The system is divided into two distinct models: Touch and Touch Pro, and it relies on touchscreen navigation. There is a mix of touch-based screen and traditional buttons for audio and climate control. Speaking of the audio, a 17-speaker Meridian digital surround-sound system is present that delivers superb sound and excellent reproduction quality. The listening experience is such that it connects road to car, car to driver and driver to music.

A Car That Connects With The Driver

Hop inside the Jaguar XE and prepare for the driving experience it provides. You get the perfect balance of sharp handling and a comfy, composed ride. Whether you are looking for a stylish sporty vehicle with advanced technology inside or impressive performance, this car has both. The amazing sound system will make your long drives even more fun and enjoyable. Its comfy interior and the luxurious feel are all you need from a sports car’s interior. Overall, this stylish yet affordable luxury vehicle has all the features you would want from a high-quality sports car.