XJ: A stunning car that delivers immaculate drives

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When it comes to automotive superiority, outstanding performance and luxury, nobody does it quite like Jaguar. This car manufacturer has been a favourite among VIPs such as politicians and celebrities who prefer to be chauffeured around in stunning vehicles. One of these luxurious vehicles is the exceptional Jaguar XJ. As soon as you step inside a Jaguar you are instantly hit with an array of luxurious features and materials like high-quality leather, for example. But, when you start the engine and try this powerful machine on the road, you’ll discover its agile and dynamic driving experience that will impress any true driver enthusiast.

Sleek and Elegant Design

As soon as you find yourself inside an XJ, you will notice that the skilled team of designers and craftsmen held nothing back in terms of materials used in the cabin. The whole interior is swathed in soft, high-quality leather and chrome including the seats and dashboard. Other superb materials found inside are wood trim veneers and piano-black accents on the instrument panel. The seats in both rows provide excellent comfort and support thanks to side-bolsters that can be adjusted to your liking. The two front seats are power adjustable with the buttons placed to the side of the seats. As far as technology goes, the Jaguar XJ comes with an InControl Touch Pro interface, smartphone integration, and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

In order to enhance performance, the vehicle is on the receiving end of an athletic and curvy exterior that proves helpful when driving at higher speeds. The low and wide stance, honed lines and sculpted body have the ability to raise your heart rate just by looking at them. It goes without saying that this beauty cruising down the highway will result in catching the eyes of other drivers thanks to its pure and classy design. There’s no doubt that the XJ is a looker, from its striking headlights across the floating roofline and all the way down to its trunk.

Brisk Supercharged Engine

The standard supercharged V6 does wonders on the road with the ability to reach 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds. That is why the Jaguar XJ a true dream car for any driving enthusiast that values brisk and fun rides. The tight suspension system and precise steering make the driving both athletic and sporty but refined at the same time. The lightweight chassis allows for quick acceleration and ample energy from the engine. The 8-speed automatic transmission works smoothly and provides immaculate drive quality. With JaguarDrive Control you are able to choose a different kind of drive modes like Normal, Dynamic or Winter. With each of these, the vehicle adjusts the throttle, steering, and the overall ride quality. Bumpy roads are smoothed out thanks to the adjustable dampers and air suspension, and the XJ feels quite composed and comfy to ride in. To make things even more appealing, the XJ’s fuel economy is far better than many other sedans in the class.

A Vast Array Of Safety Features

There are various safety features to help you drive around more confidently. Some of these are blind spot monitoring, a rearview camera, a driver condition monitor, lane keep assist and others. Anti-lock brakes, for example, serve to modulate the pressure on the brakes when a tire suddenly stops rotating due to excessive braking. Another useful feature is the seatbelt pre-tensioners that tighten in case of a collision. With Jaguar’s security system you can be sure that your XJ will be protected since the system detects unwanted intrusion. You have a full package of features that are quite useful together with eight airbags and a bonnet that serves to protect pedestrians in case of any collision. All in all, the way this vehicle handles on the road alone is enough to compel anyone into investing in one, so make sure to keep the Jaguar XJ high on your priorities list.