Liberty: Usefulness, practicality, and comfort

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The well-known saying ‘the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree’ can be applied to the Jeep Liberty. Although it is new from the ground up, Jeep engineers decided to go back to the core values that defined the legendary WWII Jeep and the entire company from that groundbreaking vehicle onwards. The Liberty is a second generation and it is a tad taller, longer and wider in comparison to the previous model. These enhancements have led to an improvement in rear seat leg and headroom. This means that even quite tall passengers can now enjoy the ride and the comfort of this amazing SUV.

If you are looking for an SUV that has a strong body construction, exceptional off-road stability, and great towing capacity, the Jeep Liberty should be at the top of your list. In addition to this, the Liberty also comes with a range of cutting-edge electronics that enhance driving dynamics. The interior is quite pleasing and comfortable, with the colours being carefully chosen to complete the overall impression. Here’s everything you need to know about this SUV.

Firm, Quiet And Smooth All At The Same Time

Providing you with a firm, smooth and quiet ride at the same time, the Liberty’s steering is quite light and the SUV responds willingly on the road, which means that it will not be hard to control it even if you go off-road. In addition to this, since it has an all-wheel-drive system, you will not have to worry even if you use this SUV for the toughest off-road excursion. This system monitors traction at each wheel constantly and provides power as necessary. So, even if one of the wheels is in the air, the others will do the work and get you out of trouble.

Pretty On The Eyes And Soft To The Touch

When it comes to style, the new Liberty shows its pedigree with a signature seven-slot grille, slab sides with characteristic flared rectangular wheel arches and flat hood. At the front, there are stylish headlamp clusters that enclose the Halogen headlights and fog lamps in a single unit. What is also different from the previous model is that the awkward swing-out tailgate is no longer there. It is replaced by a more convenient liftgate with a separate, remote-opening glass window. Another good thing about the Liberty is that you will have an opportunity to choose among three trim levels: Sport, North, and Limited.

When it comes to the cabin of the Liberty, the first thing you would notice once you start the engine is that there is not much noise. In addition to this, the visibility is something to be rated highly. You can just tell that Jeep’s designers have really thought this through and have done a great job. There is also a unique Sky Slider Roof; it is made of a tough reinforced acrylic cloth while its size is four times bigger in comparison to a conventional sunroof. The seats and the dashboard are well finished in tones of light beige and brown. You can also count on heated cushions and backs with four-way power adjustments for the driver.

Simply Put, An Excellent SUV That Offers Great Value For Money

Should you need a Jeep that has genuine off-road capability, offers a high level of comfort and has great looks, the Liberty is absolutely the one for you. While it may appear somewhat technical and crude from the outside, it more than makes up for it with the drive, usefulness, practicality, comfort and, of course, value for money. The Jeep Liberty is a one of those subtle, yet monumentally important four-wheelers that successfully combines decades of tradition with modern-day technology. You should seriously consider investing in one if you’re on the market for a four-wheeler you can use daily and reliably.