TJ: Powerful engine, Great for Off-Road

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Jeep TJ

If you happen to be fond of cars that can go around a corner at top speed, that’s great. But, if you prefer going slowly through rivers of mud and over piles of boulders, here’s the legendary Jeep TJ.

When it comes to different types of car people, most can be categorized into two major groups. Those that prefer roaring engines, top speed, and corner-cutting; and those that prefer slow speeds while traversing fallen logs and rivers of mud. You have countless options on the market regardless of which category you belong to, there are staples and favourites in each one. The Jeep TJ is one such staple that has achieved a legendary status among those that prefer going off-road.

Legendary in Many Aspects, Including the Usability Of Power

The TJ was designed as a fairly straightforward, no-nonsense type of vehicle. Its main purpose is usability in rugged conditions and it achieves a very high level of it thanks to two main engine options. The first is a 2.5-litre, 4-cylinder engine, whereas the more powerful option is a 4.0-litre inline 6-cylinder powerhouse. The latter is the one to go for if you favour frequent off-road excursions, though both will fair similarly when it comes to getting you around the city and other urban environments. As the TJ was designed for both urban and extensive off-road use, power is definitely one aspect that is not lacking in this car and making it a worthy buy.

Surprisingly Safe Considering its Intended Use

The safety levels of the TJ are fairly high, considering it is based on the "Willys" vehicle that served in the military. Rest assured your TJ will keep you safe during all manner of off-road adventures and expeditions. In the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) frontal impact test, the TJ scored four stars each for driver and front passenger protection. While the TJ wasn’t tested for side impact safety by the NHTSA, it earned an “acceptable” rating and a “marginal” rating in the side impact test performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Overall the TJ is a relatively safe and affordable option with good crash safety marks.

A Thoroughbred Off-Roader

You’ll typically hear complaints about the TJ not being well-suited to the daily grind, as well as that it is very noisy on the road. Though these are things you would expect from a thoroughbred off-roader such as the TJ, it does come with its fair share of upsides as well. It is tons of fun to get behind the wheel in off-road conditions. If you go so far as to fit the large tires and lifted suspension necessary to take your TJ through the rugged terrain and mud, you’ll have a world of fun. Convenience and comfort features are as few and scarce as expected, though take our word for it that all will be forgiven once you get off the asphalt in your tricked-out TJ.

Intended for one Purpose, Serves many Equally Well

It is a nearly impossible task to beat a Jeep TJ if what you’re looking for is a vehicle that can deliver off-road performance. If you’re willing to overlook the fuel economy and bumpy ride, the TJ can also double as your daily city runabout. Overall, the Jeep TJ is among the best choices out there for venturing off the beaten track. Even though it is slightly lacking in refinement, it more than makes up for it with unwavering capability.