Amanti: Smooth Ride for a Comfy Daily Ride

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Kia Amanti

Ever since the first Amanti saw the light of Canadian day in 2003, it was presented as a competitive full-sized sedan offering more value for a lower price. This continues today. The early 2000s were an exciting period for the Canadian automotive market with plenty of brands and manufacturers battling for their fair market share. Kia was not among them as this was a time when the company first arrived on Canadian shores. Originating in Korea back in 1944, Kia started off by building handmade bicycle parts. As time went on, it expanded to the car business and ended up offering affordable vehicles to many Canadians in the early 21st century. Although surprised at first, it didn’t take long for Canadians to see the true value of models like the Rio, Magentis, Optima and Spectra. On this occasion, we’ll be taking a closer look at a particularly amazing flagship called the Kia Amanti.

Plenty Of Power Where It Matters

The Amanti initially saw light of day in 2003 when it was introduced as a competitive full-sized sedan. The main selling point was more value for a lower price, which confused many Canadians at first. You’ll find an even better deal with a 2007 Amanti as it comes with many notable upgrades such as more standard features, power, economy, room and the like. Speaking of power, the 2007 Amanti comes with a 3.8-litre V6 in charge of generating 264 horsepower and 260 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,500 rpm (which is more than the last-generation 3.5-litre six). A combination of more power harnessed with a five-speed automatic transmission means you’re able to go uphill effortlessly. It also means acceleration is down to 7.5 seconds for 0-100 kmh, compared to 9.2 seconds for the original 3.5-litre engine. The upgraded power doesn’t mean lower fuel economy; the ‘07 Amanti is actually 9% more fuel efficient during city driving.

Improvements All Around

Compared to the initial 2003 model of the Amanti, the 2007 version is a completely different experience. With a veritable rocket under the hood and a taut, yet comfortable suspension, the 2007 Amanti has nothing in common with the original car that boasted a noisy engine and floaty ride. This is mostly thanks to a sophisticated double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension, which alone transforms the way the ’07 Amanti feels on the road. Add to that 12.6 litres per 100 kilometres of fuel economy in the city and 8.2 litres on the highway – of regular fuel – and it becomes clear that the Kia Amanti is a pretty usable and great value-for-money used car.

A Luxury Sedan Done Right

At one point, the Kia Amanti was actually the largest Kia sedan on offer. The interiors of the last generation Amantis are very striking and boast wood grain elements, a CD changer and even dual-zone automatic climate control, which was a luxury feature at the time. You’ll find a large LCD screen providing temperature data right above the centre stack. The audio and cruise control buttons sit in front of the wide and luxurious gauge cluster, which is mounted on the wood-trimmed steering wheel. Alas, the final Amati rolled off Kia’s production line in 2010 in order to make way for the Kia K900 and Kia Cadenza – successors that would take the brand’s luxury car status to the next level quite deservedly. Should Not Be Overlooked! It would be unwise not to include a look at the, frankly, astonishing Kia Amanti if you’re in the market for a used full-size luxury sedan loaded to the gills. Put simply, you’ll be blown away at how the Korean manufacturer was able to offer so much car for so little money, which says plenty about the ingenuity and engineering that went into this four-wheeler. Keep in mind that the Kia Amanti is by far among the best value-for-money large size used sedans on the Canadian market, so make sure to include it as a shortlist candidate at the very least.