K900: Full-size Luxury Sedan

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Kia K900

The Kia K900 is one of the best values in the luxury large car class because it incorporates a low starting price, an elegant cabin as well as great standard features. Keep reading to learn more.

The Kia K900 can be said to be a car that truly excels on many fronts and is a very good luxury car overall. Upon sliding into the K900’s cabin, you’ll come across a generous array of standard features, a quiet ride and a handsomely styled interior with comfy seats. Heated seats in both rows, rich leather upholstery and a large infotainment screen are present in even the lowest trim level. Add to that an outstanding warranty, refined engine performance and a silky smooth ride and it’s clear why the K900 is an absolute steal of a luxury large sedan.

Just The Kind Of Confident Power You Need

There are two separate engine options to be found lurking beneath the K900’s hood. The first is a 3.8-litre V6 that generates a healthy 311 horsepower and results in a more than confident acceleration. But considering the overall size and features that are included in the K900, many are bound to find greater appeal in the more powerful 5.0-litre V8 that puts out a generous 420 horsepower. You’d be wrong to believe this means the K900 is essentially a family-type muscle car, as it earns additional praise for its silky smooth operation. A particular cherry on top is a lovely exhaust snarl that becomes known after stepping down on the throttle. Rear-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission are standard for both engines, with the transmission boasting a velvety refinement and ensuring prompt shifts.

Interior Fit For Royalty

The fact that the K900 comes with a standard leather interior and that it can seat five people comfortably pretty much says it all. Soft and supportive front seats were designed to pamper the passengers and ensure there’s a comfortable position for everyone thanks to power adjustments and multiple angles. The second row seats are similarly comfortable, with the added fact that leg and headroom is ample throughout the cabin.

Heated rear seats and ventilated heated front seats are standard across all trim levels. Among optional seating arrangements are front-seat cushion extenders that adjust for extra thigh support, as well as ventilated and power-reclining rear seats. The interior quality simply cannot be praised enough. Genuinely luxurious, the cockpit incorporates elegant wood and aluminum trim, supple leathers and a large 9.2-inch infotainment screen on the dash. It’s also eerily quiet, which is amazing.

A Bona Fide Road Cruiser Through And Through

There’s no need to look at the K900 in more detail if you’re on the market for a large luxury car with sports car handling. On the other hand, those whose sights are set on a smooth and plush ride with great composure in the city or on the highway, need not look further than this car. As a matter of fact, the K900 ends up in a completely different league than many of its rivals in terms of handling as a result of its soft suspension and light steering. If what you desire is a pillow-soft ride, then this is absolutely the car for you. The brakes also provide confident stopping power and the brake pedal provides a well-weighted sensation.

A Truly Impressive Four-Wheeler

There are two main reasons why the Kia K900 is so outstanding. One is that it provides a truly ridiculous amount of car for your money and not in the traditional “full of compromises, but gets the job done” kind of way. It’s a car that comes with a low starting price, generous list of standard features and a long 10-year/161,000-kilometre warranty to back that up. The other reason is the fact that it’s just incredibly refined and comfortable. Unlike some of its class rivals, it doesn’t need to pretend to have racy sports car inclinations. Where that matters most is for the buyers who just want to cruise along in peace and quiet. If that’s you, you’ll be incredibly happy with the Kia K900.