Magentis: Smooth 5 Speed Automatic Saloon

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Kia Magentis

The Kia Magentis is a car that enjoys almost universal praise and one that brings together a majority of automotive cynics on the same page. Read on to learn what it is about it that makes it so good.

The Kia Magentis is a vehicle that incorporates a one-size-fits-all attitude to provide its owner with the best possible compromise when it comes to everything you’d want in a car. In the style department it has good road presence and style thanks to bold front and rear fascias, the interior is more than a match for the majority of its key competition. It also comes with plenty of power whether you’re looking for fuel economy or just raw oomph. Essentially a roomy family sedan, it has a lot going for it and you’d be wise to keep reading.

Way More Grunt Than You Thought Possible

…given that the Magentis is a family sedan, after all. It has adopted a new 2.4-litre, four-cylinder engine that spins out 175 horsepower and 169 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 rpm. The most surprising thing about these statistics is that the engine actually delivers all that power and responsiveness along with an impressive fuel economy, measuring at 10.1 litres per 100 kilometres. The engine is also particularly fond of revs and enjoys practicing them without getting too loud. Stomping on the throttle from a standstill results in 100 kilometres per hour appearing on the speedometer in around 9 seconds, which is more than respectable for a car of the Magentis’ proportions and size. Even more impressive is the 80 to 120 kilometres per hour acceleration of 7.5 seconds, meaning those highway overtakes can now be attempted without fearing negative consequences.

Premium Interior That Does The Job Beautifully

The interior of the Magentis is one that incorporates plenty of rich, soft-touch materials with a design and layout that are both intuitive and attractive. A wealth of content is also present and welcome niceties such as heatable seats exist alongside the usual power items. A surprisingly competent audio system complete with USB and iPod inputs is also present. You’ll also be welcomed by an astonishing amount of interior space inside the Magentis, which is plentiful for both the front and rear passengers. You’ll enjoy tons of elbow, leg and headroom throughout the interior, which is another way to describe the fact that the Magentis truly offers above-average comfort. While you might be inclined to describe the front seats as flat with no lateral support, you’ll change your mind as soon as you get in them and push the Magentis into a corner.

A Dialed-In Driving Feel

The five-speed manumatic transmission is responsible for a huge part of the remarkable driving feel of the Magentis. In order to maximize fuel economy, it likes to upshift as soon as possible when left to its own devices. But all it takes is sliding the shifter to the right and into the manual gate, and you’ll be allowed to take advantage of the engine braking that comes with each snappy downshift. The Magentis actually has a sporty feel to its drive when in this mode, which is yet another unexpected benefit. While the suspension is very much geared toward the soft side, it controls unwanted body motion regardless. Steering is also better than average and it continues to improve and be more responsive the faster you go.

Greatest Advantage Is The Price

The price of the Kia Magentis is it’s single greatest advantage over the competition. The base version is a steal, though one of the many must-haves when it comes to this car is the LX premium package, which only adds a slight bump to the price. Considering the fact that we’re talking here about a roomy four-door sedan that’s a pleasure to drive, you’re in for a real treat if you become the lucky owner of this car. With that in mind, make sure to not overlook the astonishing Kia Magentis the next time you’re contemplating your future four-wheeler.