Kia Soul

The Soul is one of the bigger cars from Kia and it offers a surprising amount of room inside, making it ideal for families. An excellent safety record and innovative design features make the Soul an interesting choice. The Kia Soul is one of the larger cars from this manufacturer who is one of the more recent names to emerge in the western market, originally from Korea. Kia first became known for its range of no-nonsense, budget vehicles but with the Soul, there’s a distinct shift to a larger and more colourful design that will appeal to families looking for more space.

Kia Soul: The Small Car that’s Grown up

Under the hood, drivers have the option of choosing either the 1.6-litre diesel, gas or electric engine powered by lithium-ion batteries, carrying a range of 132 miles. Some drivers prefer diesel as there’s a better fuel economy and although the engine tends to be louder in diesel vehicles, the Soul maintains a smooth ride.

Spacious Interior

A bigger wheelbase means that the Soul has more room at head, shoulder and leg level and even though it may not have a particularly large footprint on the outside, once you’re aboard it’s surprisingly spacious. The rear of the cabin can easily accommodate three adults while the back of the seats in the front have plastic cladding to protect against the feet of children. The only letdown is the cargo space, which despite being improved in the second generation Soul, still remains on the small side and would leave many families struggling to get everything in the trunk. The capacity for cargo is between 281 and 354 litres depending on the model chosen. Higher trim levels increase the number of comfort features, making the Soul feel more luxurious than the typical Kia car. Power steering, climate control, electric sunroof, heated mirrors, push-button start and heated seating can all be found on higher trim models.

Top Safety Record

Although many Kias have the reputation of being a more basic vehicle, the manufacturer has clearly paid attention to the integral design and safety with the Soul scoring very highly across the board. If you choose the electric engine, the engine is so quiet that Kia has deliberately created a virtual engine noise at low speeds and when reversing. This feature is to prevent the silent approach which can be a greater accident risk for pedestrians and warns that a car is nearby. Kia was the first electric car to incorporate this thoughtful safety feature. There is also ABS, parking sensors, lane departure warning and High Beam Assist. The Kia Soul is one of the largest cars from this manufacturer and although there’s still some room for improvement, it has an impressive array of features which are thoughtful, well designed and innovative.