Land Rover: Award Winning Luxury SUVs and 4x4 Vehicles

Experience the thrill of driving off-road and discover Land Rover's latest award-winning SUV vehicles

The History of Land Rover

Land Rover has established a reputation for being a luxury off-road manufacturer, with a long history of producing high quality vehicles. Capable of handling different terrains, the Land Rover collection includes both the Range Rover and Discovery.

The Land Rover car company began its life as a concept on a beach in Wales in 1947, with the inaugural model designed by brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks. Based on the robust Jeep vehicle, Land Rover - as it was set to become - designed an SUV that used a Rover car engine but the chassis of the Jeep. The original Land Rover was kept deliberately simple with a chassis made from off-cuts and a light alloy body; this also meant that expensive manufacturing methods weren’t needed either. Within two years of the launch, Land Rover was exporting to more than 70 countries including the US.

Over the next 10 years, there were lots of changes made to the design of the Land Rover which improved both appearance and performance, increasing the payload and upgrading to the four-wheel drive system. By 1959, just 12 years later, 250,000 Land Rovers had been manufactured.

Land Rover Models

The Development of an Iconic Brand

Land Rover continued to go from strength to strength and in 1967 merged with another manufacturer, Leyland. The latter had already acquired Triumph, so this merger created an extremely strong base for further production. However, the Leyland merger was just a hint of things to come as by 1968, there was another change on the horizon when the group joined the British Motor Corporation (BMC).

This meant that many of the leading British designs including Jaguar, Morris, and Austin along with Triumph and Rover were united. The following years saw the company continue to produce its now-iconic vehicle with many changes along the way, such as the introduction of an automatic transmission in 1985. In 1994, the Rover Group were purchased by BMW and in 2000, it was sold again to Ford. In the final move date, in 2008 both Rover and its sister company Jaguar were acquired by Tata Motors who committed to investing more in technology for both brands.

Land Rover Today

Although there have been many upgrades and improvements introduced over the years, the original concept for Land Rover remains intact today. In addition to their original vehicle model, further cars have been created, all with a similar concept: tough SUVs with the ability to handle driving on different terrains. These models include sporty versions of the Range Rover, as well as the Discovery, another model which has spawned many different trims. Land Rover is a manufacturer who remains distinct from the rest of the industry, providing vehicles which are not just robust and tough but luxurious inside too. Loved by many over the decades, Land Rover continues to attract new generations of drivers.