Range Rover Velar: A desirable SUV with an aggressive side

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In recent years Land Rover was the company setting the pace for everyone else when it comes to the production of crossovers and compact SUVs. Quality was something associated by with the brand itself by default, but what Land Rover managed to do better than anyone else is to pitch the outstanding design of their cars to consumers. The Range Rover Velar is no exception - it is what luxurious sporty SUVs are all about. Breathtaking looks backed up by serious on road and off-road capabilities, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Perfect Synergy

The company decided to offer both diesel and gasoline engines to potential customers. A notable highlight among the lineup is the V6 diesel, capable of a 300 horsepower output. The engine itself sits well with the overall aerodynamic setup of the chassis and with the performance that is able to deliver both on road and off of it, it is certainly a choice to be considered. Every version of the Range Rover Velar comes with 4WD, which is ideal if you decide to test its decent off-road capabilities. The most fascinating thing about this engine is its responsiveness, and you will be able to utilize this both in urban areas and the countryside.

Everything about the Range Rover Velar is made for your pleasure and experience. In urban areas, you will be able to fully utilize the incredibly smooth braking system, while equal performance will be provided in an off-road environment. The quick steering is very reliable, and despite the overall size and heavier rear part of the car, in the corners, you are provided with maximum stability and safety. Acceleration is surprisingly good and the overall feeling is that the Velar reaches 100 km/h quicker than on paper. Overall, the Velar is a sporty SUV that offers enough control and stability in any situation.

Sharply Dressed Inside and Out

When you are part of the designer team at Land Rover, you are aware of the highest standards that are required by your customers. You are also aware that every new release must feature a unique design, but one that mustn’t differ much from the original and recognizable Land Rover look. Velar is an SUV that fits that criteria perfectly. Its aggressive side is very prominent and the sleek silhouette makes the Velar incredibly recognizable. Its crystal clear nose is morphed into the cropped back of the car, and it is exactly that rear part that makes the Velar so desirable and distinguishable from other Land Rovers in the same category.

The first thing you notice once you are inside the cabin is the incredible comfort of the easily adjustable seats. They are very easy to manipulate, so finding your perfect driving position will be easier than ever. For a vehicle with a cropped end, it offers enough space on the inside, so the company did not make that much of a compromise when it comes to the design of chassis itself. The beautiful touchscreen interface looks like it came straight out of Star Trek, and it is self-evident that the Range Rover Velar is a vehicle made for the modern consumer. At the same time, it is not filled with electronics for the sake of it. Gadgets are carefully placed across the dashboard and the rest of the cabin, are easy to reach and use to both the driver and passengers alike.


As mentioned above, Land Rover pretty much sets the tone for its competition when it comes to understanding and defining sports SUVs. And what does Land Rover do when they want a sporty SUV to look even more athletic and aggressive? They design the Range Rover Velar, a perfect piece of engineering delivering the best of both worlds –a unique and hardly beatable look backed by serious performance. The Velar is the quintessential sports SUV of today and one that you’d be wise to invest in for every reason.