Range Rover: Luxury and Off-road Prowess

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Land Rover Range Rover

Take a drive in the Land Rover Range Rover and discover the sheer luxury that accompanies the tough and rugged exterior. Capable of handling both city and off-road driving, the Range Rover is a class apart.

The Land Rover Range Rover: An Elite Vehicle

The Land Rover Range Rover is an SUV which has gained almost iconic status since its first introduction. A medium-sized vehicle with sufficient room to seat five comfortably, the Range Rover is well equipped to handle off-road conditions just as easily as taking a trip to the local mall.

Without question, the Range Rover is one of the premium vehicles in this class and this is evident in every element from the spacious build to the luxury features inside the cabin.

With all the seats in position, there's a load capacity of up to 900 litres which can be increased up to 1943 litres if the rear seats are folded down.

There's a choice of three engines: the 3.0 litre and 4.4-litre models are powered by diesel and capable of producing 258 and 339 horsepower respectively. There's a hybrid model too, powered by gas and electricity, with the 2.00-litre P400e engine producing 404 horsepower. All of the models are fitted with an automatic transmission.

Comfort for Driver and Passengers

Inside the car, there's a wealth of technology designed to make driving easier such as the intuitive gesture controlled sunroof, which opens and closes automatically and can be controlled with a wave of the hand. An intelligent system reduces the power and fuel consumed by switching the ignition on and off automatically as well as controlling the heated mirrors as required.

The standard package is impressive with many features which would only be included in luxury trims elsewhere. These include climate control, alloy wheels, heated mirrors and seats, power steering, a leather trim, TV and headlight washers. Other options available include an electric sunroof, front fog lights, a telephone and a DVD player.

Superior Performance in All Conditions

Being able to handle so many demanding terrains means that the Range Rover has to include a smart driving system which incorporates a number of different factors.

The Land Rover Range Rover is in its element when taken off the road and can comfortably handle a variety of different surfaces such as mud, snow, gravel, rocks, and grass. Terrain Response 2 matches the demands of the terrain, effortlessly sliding between different modes changing the gearbox, chassis system and differentials to get the best performance.

Aside from its off-roading ability, the Range Rover includes ABS, traction control, parking sensors and cruise control to make it easier to handle. There's also an alarm, immobilizer, and airbags to provide further protection and security.

The Land Rover Range Rover is without doubt one of the elite SUV vehicles. Offering superior driving and comfort, it's a luxury pick for any driver.