CT200h: Fuel-Efficient, Premium Sport Compact Hatchback

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Lexus CT200h

If you’re on the market for a small luxury car that comes with more features than the standard Prius, the Lexus CT200h is a viable alternative. Keep reading to learn more about this impressive car.
The luxury car class is one that offers very few other alternative fuel options, which is why delivering excellent fuel economy is one of the most predominant reasons for the appeal of the Lexus CT200h. When it comes to day to day use and practicality in such conditions, the CT200h also impresses simply because of the fact that it is a hatchback. As far as entry-level luxury cars go, this hybrid comes with premium build quality and a performance that emphasizes frugality over sportiness, so keep reading to learn more about this interesting piece of hybrid technology that was sadly discontinued in 2017.

A Daily Driver at Heart

The CT200h is equipped with a 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine that is aided by two electric motors and the combination generates a total of 134 horsepower. It needs to be pointed out that the CT200h is not a car you’d be motivated to drive aggressively. It was designed to allow excellent fuel economy, which it easily achieves. The combination of standard and two electric engines is mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that behaves like an automatic and is sufficiently responsive. The CT Hybrid offers a total of four different driving modes, which are Normal, Eco, EV and Sport. The Eco mode sees throttle response from the transmission being slightly slower than in Normal mode. As expected, throttle response is quicker in Sport mode compared to Normal mode. Lastly, EV mode uses just electricity to propel the car under the condition that you don’t stomp the gas pedal, as well as that you keep the speed under 40 kilometres per hour.

Lexus Practicality All Around

The CT200h can seat five very comfortably, mainly because of the fact that it is a proper hatchback. There is ample support and comfort to be found in the front seats of the car, and you’ll be firmly kept in place around turns thanks to solid side bolstering and low positioning. The back offers plentiful legroom while the front is equally spacious and welcoming. Only sustainably sourced materials were used to put together the CT200h’s beautiful interior – a fact that should appeal to your inner environmentalist. Overall, the cabin of this Lexus, and particularly the dash panels and seating upholstery, are both comfortable to spend time in and more than easy on the eyes.

Tech to Suit Even the Pickiest of Passengers

In addition to the usual array of standard tech you can expect to find in pretty much any Lexus, the CT200h boasts additional ones as well. Features include bamboo charcoal speakers and steering wheel-mounted audio controls, USB audio input, a premium audio system with integrated SiriusXM satellite radio, smart key system with push button start, a full complement of instrumentation with an Eco indicator and tachometer, power-adjustable and heated front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, Bluetooth connectivity with steering wheel-mounted controls and so on. There are also four different upgrade packages you’re able to choose from if looking to enhance your CT200h. Worthy of Praise As with any car that’s looking to push any existing boundaries, you’re guaranteed to find ample critics of the Lexus CT200h as well. While some of them may be correct in arguing that this particular Lexus does not boast the performance or high-speed refinement present in a number of competitors, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is a Lexus first and foremost. Thanks to such features as a high-quality construction, efficient powertrain, nimble on-road manners and bulletproof reliability, it has earned praise from its owners time and time again. Definitely consider investing in this particular car if criteria like fuel economy and environmental friendliness rank high on your list of priorities.