ES300h: Luxury Midsize Car

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Lexus ES300h

When on the market for a car that offers an outstanding reputation for safety and reliability, as well as a serene cabin, the Lexus ES300h is definitely impressive enough to be a top pick any day.

Looking for a luxury car that has everything from a silky smooth ride and outstanding fuel economy ratings to above-average reliability and a comfortably elegant cabin? Then look no further than the astounding Lexus ES300h. Boasting a solid reliability in the luxury midsize sedan class, the ES300h is the kind of car that is best suited for drivers who aren’t that keen on having mind-blowing performance behind the wheel. But most importantly, the absolute best thing about this particular four wheeler is the astonishing combination of value and quality it offers to buyers. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

A Fuel Sipper That Doesn’t Disappoint

You’ll find a surprisingly pleasant blend of fuel efficiency and power coming from the ES300h’s hybrid powertrain. The setup involves a four-cylinder engine, an electric motor and a continuously variable transmission (CVT). If you’re particularly fond of sporty driving dynamics, simply slip the drive mode into Sport and enjoy the kind of performance that’s nearly identical to the non-hybrid ES350. Handling-wise, the ES300h was built to sail along the road thanks to a silky suspension that’s never floaty in an unpleasant way. You’ll experience very little body roll in the corners thanks to the fact that the car was specially tuned to emphasize passenger comfort. Other than that, the driving dynamics are just the kind you’d expect from a relaxed touring sedan.

A Sedan Built for Ultimate Comfort

Stretching out inside the five-seat ES300h is not going to be a problem in the least, not even for tall people. Boasting more legroom at its back seat than most competitors, this is a car that has equally roomy front seats as well. There’s a high-grade feel and look to its synthetic leather upholstery and a genuine leather seats upgrade is available for you. The cabin is expertly finished with materials like supple synthetic leather adorning almost every surface. Once again, going above and beyond with the level of luxury in your ES300h is possible thanks to options such as a premium 15-speaker surround-sound audio system, mood lighting and bamboo trim.

Infotainment in Lexus’ Unique Style

Tech-wise, the ES300h boasts an infotainment system that includes voice commands via Siri Eyes Free, a 7-inch display screen and eight speakers. The interface will probably take some time to learn how to use, but the learning curve is well-worth the effort. Most of the system’s settings are controlled by a mouselike pad mounted between the seats. While some argue that using such a contraption pulls the driver’s eyes off the road, working the system becomes nearly instinctive after sufficient practice. There are also options like smartphone integration via the Enform App Suite, as well as navigation.

The Closest Thing to a Sure Bet

Simply put, the ES300h is an excellent match for anyone whose definition of luxury includes peace of mind and pampering. It knows its place and doesn’t try to incorporate corner-carving athleticism where it should not be present. On the other hand, it stays within its comfort zone in a good way and provides a sumptuous, smooth and quiet cabin. It is also a smart investment for commuters thanks to excellent fuel economy. Overall, you get plenty of car for your money with the Lexus ES300h so consider getting one if you’re in the market for making smart investments.