Lexus GS350: A luxury mid-size sedan that delivers peak responsiveness

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Lexus GS350

When on the market for a luxury sedan that manages to be substantial, but shies away from being plain huge, look no further than the Lexus GS350. Keep reading to know more about this car.

The Lexus GS350 is a muscular-looking car surrounded by sculpted lines that result in a striking and head-turning overall exterior appearance. If you’re particularly fond of causing neck-pain to innocent bystanders, opt for the F Sport Package that includes an aggressive front grille that many can’t get enough of. Completing the front frowning appearance typically characteristic of race cars are the LED headlights, along with the Nike-swoosh driving lights. This is just the beginning of all the things that make the GS350 the incredibly good looking and performing car that it is, so here’s everything you need to know about it.

Ferocious Power

Lurking under the beautifully sculpted hood is a pleasantly gurgling 3.5-litre V6 that generates 311 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque. In order to prevent it from assassinating your neck muscles, Lexus made sure that its GS350 luxury sedan starts a tad soft off the line, as if to provide you with a moment to prepare for what’s to come. Just a second or two later and you’re overwhelmed by the linear acceleration that keeps pumping until the redline. There are a total of four drive modes to be found in this car, which are Eco, Normal, Sport and the optional Sport+. Each affects the adaptive suspension settings, transmission programming and throttle response remarkably.

Simple and Effective Interior Lines

The overall sculpting of the GS350 can be characterized as dramatic, meaning that it’s a bit of surprise when you first climb in, but it only takes a few seconds to go “Oh, yeah.” The materials used throughout are top-notch with a stitched and upholstered shallow dash, leaving everything feeling great and being soft to the touch. It’s particularly interesting that the overall design of the interior allows it to be small enough to feel involved and intimate on one hand and spacious enough to be comfortable on the other. Opting for the F Sport Package will also bring with it a pair of outstanding leather seats which are 16-way adjustable, including kidney and knee bolsters. Additionally, both seats are cooled and heated as well.

Impressive Handling by All Standards

The previously mentioned adaptive suspension allows the ride to feel both firm and luxurious even at slower speeds. Interestingly, the harder you push the car, the sportier and more responsive it feels, especially if you start throwing it into corners at higher speeds. Nevertheless, it stays very quiet even in such situations. Enough good things similarly cannot be said about the 6-speed automatic transmission, which is both quick and smooth enough to be satisfying. The performance-oriented abilities of the all-wheel drive system become clear the moment you pick up the pace, which says plenty about the sheer amount of engineering that has gone into making this car what it obviously is – a superbly tuned, premium luxury machine.

No Superlatives Left to Use

There is plenty to be said about any Lexus, but the Lexus GS350 is a truly outstanding car. There is no arguing about tastes, that much is true, but it is easily one of the most beautifully designed, ridiculously sleek and incredibly reliable and usable cars on the market today. Among the plethora of things to love about it, the most important ones are its handling prowess, overall feeling of premium luxury and the sheer value for money it provides. Opt for this fine piece of Japanese automotive technology if you value your car as an item meant to serve you and not the other way around. That is exactly what the GS350 was built to be.