Lexus GS460: An under-the-radar sports sedan that's beautifully made.

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Lexus GS460

When looking for reasons to love the Lexus GS460, you’ll find no shortage of them. From a most impressive powertrain to the even more astounding fuel economy, this is a car you’re bound to love.

If you’re looking for a car that offers a very impressive example of powertrain engineering, you need look no further than the Lexus GS460. There’s a lot to love about this car, especially the sheer delivery of power combined with a pretty incredible fuel economy that goes along with it. You’ll also find a solid array of technology and a very comfortable cabin as well, which include a Mark Levinson audio system and very rich graphical interface. The single best thing about this car is by far its on-road manners, so keep reading to learn more.

Luxurious on the Surface, Racer at Heart

There’s a 4.6-litre V8 heart beating under the hood of the GS460; one that generates a very intelligently used 342 horsepower. In addition to having a powerful engine, the GS460 also incorporates an equally great suspension with several driving modes and an eight-speed automatic transmission that offers a sport mode and manual selection. The suspension actually boasts electric actuators on the sway bars to counteract body roll. In addition to the three modes that are automatically chosen by the car based on your driving style and overall road feel, the suspension also has a fourth, Sport. Thanks to the electrically driven power steering, you’re able to feel everything that goes on under the wheels.

Tastefully Executed Interior

The center of the instrument panel features a big touch-screen LCD with round buttons inset around it, as well as plenty of nice materials. You’re able to choose major functions like the stereo system, maps or destination entry by using the buttons around the LCD, while inputting fine details like street addresses is done on the touch-screen itself. Another highlight is the voice command that functions fairly well. You also get an upgraded Mark Levinson audio system in your GS460 – it’s bundled together with the navigation system. The audio system consists of 14 speakers scattered around the cabin with a subwoofer and center fill. It produces a very clear reproduction with solid bass that doesn’t rattle or distort the speakers even on max volume.

Plenty of Fine-Tuning Options

Since this is a Lexus we’re talking about, you’ll find no shortage of fine tune-up and set-up options throughout. The suspension is one of the best examples of this, though it was designed to automatically tune itself to the road surface and driving style. If you want to preempt that, you can opt for the Sport mode and enjoy a more rigid ride while staying completely flat in the corners. Even fine-tuning the torque is at your disposal. Choose between a snow setting in order to keep the torque low so as not to spin the wheels, or a power setting to generate the maximum torque from the powertrain.

Amazingly Engineered

It is simply astonishing what Lexus has managed to wring out of the GS460’s V8. It gets arguably the highest possible rating when it comes to performance and a lot of that has to do with the optimally tuned eight-speed transmission. You’ll find equally impressive sport gear throughout the car, and a particular highlight is the cabin tech. There’s plenty of good quality to be found in the gadgets and the car is generally very usable and practical. If you’re on the market for an unassuming race car that’s also good for school runs and grocery shopping, go for the Lexus GS460 without a doubt in your mind.