LC 500: A sports coupe that packs luxury and delivers driving excitement

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If you happen to be on the market for a Lexus that has got supercar looks, yet enough curves and edges to convince others that it is still a concept car, simply go for the LC 500. This is a coupe with exotic looks which you can feel free to refer to as a genuine piece of art. The Lexus LC 500 looks amazing from any angle and it is not an understatement to say that the LC 500 is the wildest looking four-wheeler that Lexus has produced since the LFA. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

A Majestic Engineering Symphony At Its Fines

What is truly great about the Lexus LC 500 is the fact that it can, basically, meet all of your needs. It can be a grand tourer, a cruiser and even a daily companion that will transport you to your destination in comfort, style and, best of all, with tons of driving excitement. Your senses will be stimulated by the exotic sound that comes from under the hood, as well as the back of the car. Lexus has certainly found a quite pleasing (maybe even the perfect) tune for the engine and exhaust. You will also get to actually feel the power the LC 500 has to offer; this power is routed through a ten-speed automatic transmission.

Although it’s easy to forget while you’re behind the wheel, the LC 500 is not a sports car. Its variable ration steering is clever, while the rear-wheel steering allows it to have a great turning radius. The chassis of the LC 500 is stiff enough to make the car feel balanced and controllable- just keep it relaxed and the LC 500 will reward you with a forgiving and comfortable ride. The essence of this vehicle is that it is made to get occupants from one place to another in the most stylish, fashionable and exciting way possible.

Prestigious Design

The Lexus LC 500 is no less extraordinary when it comes to its exterior. Its ‘L’ signature lights sling out from the grille up to the headlight pods that house a set of bright LEDs. On the back of it, you’ll find probably the greatest taillights you have ever seen- they have the appearance of a mirror reflecting a mirror. The effect of it is super cool: the L-shaped LEDs sink into the depths of the car. With all of these details, you can be sure that this vehicle grabs tons of attention whether it’s cruising down the highway or adorning your parking lot or garage.

Each and every inch of the interior of the LC 500 is either covered with lavish materials or has soft surfaces. In addition to this, the designers have made the buttons minimalistic to compliment the well-chosen colours. A luscious caramel brown covers the better part of the interior- the seats, the dashboard and also the steering wheel. The materials that line the door panels and headliners are suede and Alcantara, and if you’re struggling to notice suede, it’s probably because leather is already there. Although many may be tempted to call this Lexus a sports coupe, it is actually a luxury coupe- or, even better, a personal luxury coupe.

Simply Put, The LC 500 Has It All

If you’re aiming to own a vehicle that is both extremely comfortable and has such good looks that will make people constantly stop to take notice of it, just go for the Lexus LC 500. One can only describe its interior in superlatives, while its performance is worthy of equal, if not higher praise. Bottom line, this is a luxurious, elegant and absolutely gorgeous coupe that will certainly meet all of your needs whether you’re looking for a usable daily driver or an automotive piece of art you simply want to admire every single day.