Lexus LS430: A full-size sedan that boasts of superb refinement and comfort levels.


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Lexus LS430

The Lexus LS430 is a car that many said redefined its segment. It got its start way back in the early 1980s and saw the Japanese automakers dedication to making the perfect car.

The Lexus LS430 is a luxury sedan that has a very interesting history. The 430 was first introduced in 2000 and went out of production in 2006. But during the time it was offered for sale in North America, many said that it was a car that had redefined its segment. The LS moniker actually stands for “Luxury Sedan” and the other part has to do with the engine size. The first LS400 debuted in North America in 1989; the LS430 in October 2000. Here’s why this was such a revolutionary car.

Japanese Made Power

You’ll find a 4.3-litre double overhead-cam V8 powerhouse under the hood of the LS430; one that produces 290 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 320 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,400 rpm. Easy highway merging is child’s play for this V8 heart thanks to its excellent low and mid-range power that comes as a result of Continuously Variable Valve Timing with intelligence. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour stands at 5.9 seconds, and it is particularly interesting that the LS430 was actually one of the very first gasoline V8-powered vehicles to be certified as ULEV (Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle). Paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, the overall responsiveness and power coming from the powertrain are both smooth and quite fast.

Ample Customization Options

Customers were able to tailor their LS430 just the way they liked it thanks to such customization options as three different wood finishes and no less than five leather interior colours. The front seats were state of the art and included 14-way adjustments for the driver’s seat and 10-way for the passenger’s seat. Also present were adjustable cushion length for more comfortable thigh support for the driver, dual lumbar controls and a single lumbar control for the passenger. Interestingly, compared to the externally larger Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the LS430 offered more front head and legroom, with a greater cabin volume. The same applies to the trunk. With its standard suspension, the LS430 was among the most aerodynamically “slippery” vehicles in the world and nearly eliminates all wind noise inside the cabin.

Features Galore

The LS430 was stocked to the roof with both useful and quirky tech and features. An optional rear air conditioner features a particle filter in addition to an optical deodorizer. It works by using an ultraviolet light and catalyst-coated filter to help break down odour-causing elements. The LS430 also boasts a rear backup camera that’s very helpful when reversing, as well as an optional Dynamic Laser Cruise Control system designed to maintain a set distance from the vehicle traveling in front of it. Also optional, the Smart Access feature allows the driver to not only unlock but also start the car if the main key fob is lost.

To Drive or be Driven?

The Lexus LS430 stands today as a true testament to what’s possible to achieve in a luxury sedan when one sets their mind on it. In addition to everything previously said about the LS430, it also included a plethora of other amenities that make it a suitable chauffeur-driven vehicle. These were bundled into either the Custom Luxury Selection or Ultra Luxury Selection option packages and incorporated everything from a DVD-based Lexus Navigation System with a seven-inch screen and voice-command control to rear seat massagers. The Lexus LS430 is an astonishing car by anyone’s criteria and it is clear why it was deemed to have redefined its segment.