Lexus LS460: A comfortable cruiser that's meticulously crafted

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Lexus LS460

The Lexus LS460 is one car you’d be wise to not be fooled by. Its aggressive front-end styling gives way to a traditional Lexus underneath with luxury abound and an eerily quiet ride. Keep reading.

First introduced in 1989 for the 1990 model year, the Lexus LS signaled the company’s breakthrough into North America. The pioneering model in the company’s lineup gave way to a number of subsequent iterations that have changed (some would say revolutionized) the luxury sedan market. Just over a decade and a half later, the company introduced the Lexus LS460 for the 2007 model year; a car that has made its predecessors proud in more ways than one. Here’s what you need to know about this luxury car.

Attention Grabbing Power

Not that you’d know it by putting your ear to the ground, but the LS460 boasts a 4.6-litre V8 under the hood that generates quite an impressive 386 horsepower, harnessed via an eight-speed automatic transmission. Rear-wheel drive is standard while all-wheel drive is optional, though the latter is only available in combination with the same-sized, though lesser powered 4.6-litre V8 that generates 359 horsepower. This is more than plenty of power either way, especially since improvements include replacing the dual-wishbone front suspension with a multilink setup made from forged aluminum in order to reduce weight.

Road Manners Extraordinaire

If you’re into cutting corners and would like to attempt a similar feat with the generously-sized LS460, you want to go for the F Sport trim as it comes with overall better driving dynamics. The improved ride comes as a result of larger brakes that generate an improved braking feel, as well as a limited-slip differential and standard air suspension. Compared to the standard model, another particular benefit of the LS460 F Sport trim is the more responsive and communicative steering. You also don’t have to worry about the suspension upgrades of the F Sport trim unnecessarily stiffening up the overall ride; the car remains completely compliant and cozy, making it just what the doctor ordered for long drives.

Exactly the Optional Trinkets You’d Expect From Lexus

The LX460 – much like any Lexus – comes with a who’s-who of standard equipment options. But, it’s the optional upgrades that really count in the luxury sedan class as they provide an insight into how far one is able to trick-out their luxury cruiser. In the case of the LS460, interior upgrade options include keyless entry/start, a 19-speaker Mark Levinson premium audio system, heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated seating and reclining rear seats with footrests. The optional Executive package isn’t too bad either, as it comes with trinkets such as a swiveling tray table, massaging ottoman seat on the passenger side, rear-seat entertainment system and a fixed centre console with a cool box.

Should One be Yours?

If you’re looking for more-than-solid build quality and a brand reputation for reliability, the Lexus LS460 should definitely be parked on your driveway. The main reason why you should take a closer look at the LS460 if you’re a buyer on the market for a comfortable cruiser is because you’re guaranteed to have a quiet land yacht that will be ideal for road trips and commuting whichever variant you choose.