Lexus LS600h: A luxury sedan that's packed with intelligent cruise control and self parking

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Lexus LS600h

Hybrids have really become very common both on the supply and demand sides of the spectrum. One of the first was the Lexus LS600h and it remains a stellar flagship sedan to this day. Keep reading.

There are plenty of pluses that have to do with the Lexus LS600h. The LS Hybrid actually has more power than a standard German competitor in addition to also boasting an ultra-comfortable ride, the numerous standard features and user-friendly electronics are always a pleasant sight, and the long wheelbase translates into the LS being otherworldly spacious and comfortable. A stellar flagship sedan in its own right, it remains a technological tour-de-force even today. Here’s everything you need to know about this car.

Hybrid Luxury Power

The LS600h is powered by a 5.0-litre V8 that’s mated to a high-output electric motor, and with the help of a continuously variable transmission, generates a total of 439 horsepower. The big V8 feels pretty relaxed when you matt the gas pedal, with the electric motor’s contribution felt more at low than high speeds. Acceleration is always ready and all you need to do is take a moderate stab at the throttle pedal to provoke the LS600h to glue you to your seat. The reason behind the fact that the LS Hybrid weighs so much is found partly in its all-wheel drive system, which is remarkably useful for both off-the-line acceleration and overtakes on the highway. It goes without saying that cruising speeds are where this big yacht feels most at home.

Premier Luxury Throughout

The interior fit and finish of the LS600h is of the expected Lexus quality throughout and overall beautifully rendered. It also goes without saying that Lexus’ notion of what’s necessary (and nice to have) in your car is taken very liberally in the LS600h, meaning that standard equipment includes power tilt and telescopic steering, heated wood steering wheel, USB audio input, Bluetooth capability, 450-watt Mark Levinson Reference Surround audio system with 19 speakers, premium leather heated and cooled front seats, 12-way power passenger seat, 16-way power driver’s seat, clearance and backup sensor, push-button start, power assist doors, leather-covered instrument panel and doors, LED headlamps and tail lamps.

The Strong, Silent Type

For the most part, the mechanical operation of the LS600h is virtually undetectable. It is exceedingly quiet, sometimes even outright silent on the road, and very smooth. In fact, hard acceleration is pretty much the only time when you can actually hear the powertrain making a lustful, yet civilized V8 gurgle. You can expect to be on the receiving end of a sublime driving experience and ride with no sedate performance, droning CVT transmission, grabby brakes or other idiosyncrasies that are typically found in budget hybrid vehicles.

Master of Sumptuous Sophistication

Despite the fact that many other luxury brands are continuously introducing hybrid versions of their flagship series nowadays, the truth remains that Lexus (Toyota) is the true pioneer of hybrid power. When it comes to the Lexus LS600h, the integration of this technology into the drivetrain of this incredible car is so seamless that many occupants would never notice that the LS600h was a hybrid unless they were told. This speaks volumes about the sheer amount of design, engineering and forward-thinkingness that has gone into this pioneering four-wheeler. Definitely consider investing in the LS600h if you’re aiming for a car in this class.