Lexus LX470: Arguably one of the best off-roaders on the market.

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Lexus LX470

Thanks to a history of excellent reliability ratings and impressive off-road capabilities, the Lexus LX470 makes for a great choice for a safety-conscious adventurer. Keep reading to learn more.

The Lexus LX470 is a luxury vehicle through and through thanks to incorporating a hefty dose of technology that maintains a higher standard of safety, as well as tons of standard features and higher quality interior fittings. Even though it went out of production in 2006, the LX470 is a thoroughbred utility vehicle at heart that can go anywhere even if there are no roads to go on. Keep reading to learn more about this unassuming off-road SUV.

Adequately Powered

The LX470, which borrows the latter half of its moniker from its engine, is equipped with a 4.7-litre V8 that generates a decent 235 horsepower at 4,800 rpm, and plenty of torque – 320 lb.-ft. at 3,400 rpm. While this might sound underpowered, keep in mind that this Lexus is not a sports car; it is a luxury vehicle and one that really excels at off-roading at that. When designing the car, Lexus rightfully had the idea that when the driver steps down on the pedal, the goal isn’t to jolt or shock the passengers but to move forward. As a result, the acceleration is slightly dampened for smoothness purposes, but that’s not to say that the LX470 isn’t capable of confidently moving its passengers through an array of daily situations.

A Proper Off-Roader at Heart

On one hand, on-road driving is a bit bouncy and that’s a given considering the LX470’s overall size and boxy design. On the other hand, this also means it is able to isolate road cracks, bumps and the like almost effortlessly. Its automatically adjusting dampers do a beautiful job of adapting to both off-road conditions and smooth surfaces. Because it was designed to be able to ride over boulders and cross streams, the LX470 is very top heavy; this is where the active suspension in charge of controlling shock absorber damping rates and ride height really comes in handy. Overall, the LX470 is a proper off-roader through and through.

Interior Amenities Abound

The interior of the LX470 is where it really shines and demonstrates a lot of thought has been put into it. A particularly interesting feature present throughout the interior is real wood – a type that is fairly rare in North America. It is generously applied across the dashboard for a good sense of luxury, as well as the steering wheel, and is also present at the back. The effect is further enhanced with a careful use of chrome and nice quality tan leather. Matching carpet and plastic panels complete the experience, and technology is more than present inside the cabin. Expect to see a voice command system, rear climate control and audio, rear-view camera and a well-integrated navigation system.

If You’re up for a used SUV, The LX470 is a Good Choice

The Lexus LX470 was in production between 1998 and 2006. As the second generation in the LX Series of Lexus’ SUVs, it represents a very reasonable alternative to many other competitors. This goes especially if you’re bound and determined to get a used full-sized luxury truck instead of opting for a sedan or minivan. You can even get one that includes features such as fog lamps, a variety of safety controls, leather, rear wiper, illuminated running boards, driver seat memory and plenty others. Overall, the LX470 does have its downsides, but is a great used luxury SUV nonetheless.