Lexus NX 200t: A sporty compact SUV that packs iconic features

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Lexus NX200T

The Lexus NX200T is a compact crossover which is smaller than full-sized SUVs but still offers superior space and terrain management. A generous trim completes the package which has proven to very popular with drivers.

Lexus NX200T: The Luxury Compact Crossover

There are plenty of entries in the compact crossover market but one of the best-kept secrets is the Lexus NX200T. The smaller sibling to larger SUV from Lexus, the NX200T retains all of the top class qualities but on a lesser scale.

Only one engine is offered on this compact SUV, but it’s one that provides no shortage of power. The NX200T has a meaty 16 valve, four-cylinder 2.0-litre engine which couples with six-speed automatic transmission and all wheel drive.
ite being smaller in size compared to other Lexus models, the NX200T is still larger than many other compact crossovers on the market. In the trunk, there’s plenty of space for cargo but this can be expanded further by folding down the rear seating.

Standard Trim with Luxury Features

Unlike many other vehicles in this category, the NX200T isn’t available with a range of different trims and accessories. Drivers opting for the Lexus only had one trim but with a generous amount of features included as standard, this isn’t necessarily a drawback. A number of the accessories and functions included on the NX200T are only available as an optional extra from other manufacturers, making this crossover one of the best equipped entry level models. Some of the features include keyless entry and ignition, dual zone climate control, heated mirrors, LED lights, fog lamps, running lights, mock leather upholstery, Bluetooth connectivity, eight-way adjustable front seats, smartphone integration, satellite radio, folding and reclining backseats, touchscreen interface and 17-inch wheels. There is a sports model available, but this is available as a separate package to the standard NX200T, upgrading the styling and certain other elements such as the suspension, steering wheel, and seating.

Protection and Safety

Whether you’re sitting in the front or the rear, you will benefit from superior protection from the system of airbags which are fitted to the front, sides and at curtain level, as well as at the driver knee level.

Vehicle stability control, hill start assist, dynamic torque control, electronic brake distribution, ABS and tire pressure monitoring system are all included in the Lexus trim, a range of driver aids which provide practical assistance on the road. The Lexus NX200T is one of the larger entries in the compact crossover category, giving the option to purchase a well-equipped vehicle which performs immaculately and delivers on every level.