Lexus NX 300: Powerful 2.0L 4-cylinder Engine

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After its lacklustre performance in 2018, Lexus had to rethink its luxury crossover SUV in order to produce a vehicle that would make an impact on Canada’s highly competitive compact SUV market. The new upgrades to the 5-seater all-wheel drive 2.0-litre Lexus NX300, including the class-leading Lexus Safety System, Power Rear Door with Kick Sensor and a Mark Levinson® Premium Surround Sound Audio System, will make the Lexus NX300 stand out from the crowd.

Greater Interior and Exterior Design.

Though the cargo seems to be a little cramped the interior is so amazing, it is more intuitive than the likes of Benz and BMW. Lexus has replaced those multiple screen folders and controls with the old-fashioned but polished knobs and buttons. The interior system seems to be more easily controlled with the new design.

It comes with a touchpad controller that works with the 10.3” central display. With the larger touch display, the buttons are not clumsy and they can be easily accessed. The 10.3” display is large enough as a screen where you can see information about your music and other entertainment features displayed.

The layout of the interior of NX 300 is top-notch. The 10.3” rear view LCD camera provides a very sharp and clear image and it is considered as one of the best in the market. The bird’s eye view, Guidelines, and sensors also make things like parking very easy.

The Lexus NX is roughly 10 inches shorter than the RX option; hence the 2019 NX should be compared to the likes of the new Toyota RAV 4. The rear seat of the NX can be folded down to create an extra 1,545 L of extra space. You can open the Power tailgate to create extra space that is hampered by the higher bumper and low roof. With the power tailgate, shorter drivers easily reach the steering much easier.

Shorter but More Powerful in Performance

The performance of the automobile is greatly boosted with the 2.0L, 4-cylinder engine that delivers an output of 235Hp plus 258 lb.-ft. Torque. The car performs smoothly both in the city and highway terrains. Its low center of gravity also contributes to its stability, especially when driving on difficult terrains.

Electric Steering and Powerful Engine

The electric steering of Lexus NX2019, perhaps is one of the most desirable features on the SUV. This steering makes the compact SUV very easy to navigate. Though power delivery is not very overwhelming, neither is it too slack. The 2.0L 4-cylinder engine delivers a powerful 235 horsepower. This powerful engine supports acceleration to 100Km/hr. in just 7 seconds while the 6-automatic speed shifts very efficiently. The AWD is the standard option here, so also is the Drive Mode Select. Highway and city driving is smooth on the NX with fuel economy reach 8.5 on the highway.

Lots of Executive Packages

At such a great price, one should not be surprised with some executive features on the 2019 Lexus NX. These include the heated steering wheel, Heated rear seats with power functionality, premium leather seats, Triple-LED headlamps, Head-up display, and Sun-roof. These modern features seem to have raised the new Lexus NX price significantly above its main rivals. It beats the new Acura RDX, Audi Q5, Infiniti QX50, and BMW X3, which are considered to be its main rivals. Though the new NX comes with some safety features, the RX model tends to beat the RX in this regard. You may want to include some safety features when making your purchase.

Lexus NX 300 is one of its kind and will favourably compete with its main rivals in the Canadian SUV market. It comes with great fuel economy, for both city and highway drive, and its price is budget-friendly especially for the low-budget consumers who want the comfort of a family-friendly SUV. There is no doubt that potential drivers will prefer this SUV to costlier options in the market.