Lexus NX 300h: Hybrid efficiency with elegant design

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Lexus NX300h

If you’d like to get your hands on a reliable and luxurious SUV that also happens to incorporate hybrid power, you could easily go for the Lexus NX300h. Here’s everything you’d want to know about this car. The thing about hybrid SUVs is, there’s not that many of them out there. At least, not that many that do what their makers say they do. This is not the case with the Lexus NX300h as it is not only backed by a history of excellent reliability and crash test ratings, but also leads the pack when it comes to fuel economy. This is more than enough for this luxury hybrid SUV to put a sparkle in your eye, so keep reading to learn more about what it can do for you.

Adequately Powered for a Hybrid

You will feel right at home behind the wheel of the NX300h if you are used to driving a hybrid. Comprised of a four-cylinder gasoline engine, an electric motor and continuously variable transmission, the powertrain of the NX300h is one that provides a slightly sluggish acceleration that you can expect from pretty much all other hybrids currently on the market. Generating a total of 194 horsepower, this is an SUV better suited for cruising and quite a lot of it thanks to generous fuel economy ratings.

Smooth and Easy Handling

The thing about the NX300h is the fact that it is a very easygoing SUV to use for mere roaming around, thanks in great part to its all-wheel drive. There are a total of four different drive modes on offer from the NX’s suspension, which include Normal, Eco, EV and Sport. The latter is where the steering becomes particularly responsive and provides a fun feeling to both the driver and passengers. On the other hand, you’d be wise to expect body roll in the corners as the NX is a hybrid, after all – and not particularly athletic.

Roomier Than Rivals

Despite being a compact SUV, the NX300h seats five passengers with ample room and feels quite a lot roomier than most of its rivals. Cushioning is plush all around and the second row in particular boasts plenty of legroom. You’ll also find plenty of high-quality materials throughout the NX300h’s interior despite the fact that the hybrid version is the least expensive in the Lexus lineup. The expertly crafted synthetic leather is particularly eye-catching, and you’re able to choose a number of optional upgrades if you want to play around. Examples include a moonroof, ventilated front seats and perforated leather upholstery. A Refreshing Luxury Option If you’re currently in the market for ways you can achieve fuel-sipping mpg numbers in a small SUV, investing in the Lexus NX300h is definitely one of them. The luxury four-wheeler has an excellent history of reliability and crash test ratings in addition to delivering class-leading fuel efficiency. Among the most sensible options for drivers who prefer sitting in luxury and not going bankrupt every time they stop at a gas station, the NX300h is pretty much ideal.