Lexus RC 350: A sleek coupe that delivers exhilarating performance

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Lexus RC350

When you’re finally at a point where you’ve paid off all of your debts are now itching to buy that sexy luxury coupe your parents never let you buy, the Lexus RC350 should be a top contender.

When you’re looking for a personable and comfortable luxury coupe on the market, you have a number of options today. The thing is, you might want to look at things from another perspective. Are you really going to use all that turbocharged horsepower in order to cut corners? Or are you going to go for the look and feel over raw oomph and empty wallet due to fuel stops? If the latter sounds more appealing, you might want to consider opting for the remarkable Lexus RC350. Keep reading to learn why.

Old-School Engine Power

One of the best things about the RC350 is the fact that it uses a naturally-aspirated 3.5-litre V6 that’s good for 307 horsepower and 277 lb.-ft. or torque. While pretty healthy, the sheer amount of power isn’t the best thing about this engine; it’s the linear power delivery that really impresses. The revs simply glide up constantly and continuously until the redline and then it’s time for another round. Power is delivered without the shackles and chains of a turbocharger and the end result is that it feels more organic and livelier despite being underpowered when compared to many rivals.

Handling Meant for Looking Good

Not what you’d expect from a coupe? Well, the RC is known for taking a more relaxed approach at driving. It moves with plenty of composure and grace and it achieves that all the while being just as comfortable as you’d expect a Lexus to be. As a daily driver, it is excellent. The pedal feel is linear, the brakes are strong and the steering is light. Spirited driving runs do make you painfully aware of its significant mass, and the AWD system also makes itself apparent in the same situation. On the other hand, the RC350 wasn’t meant to be a corner carver in the first place; it does best as a stylish and elegant grand tourer.

A Classy Interior

One thing Lexus has always had plenty of is unique character. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the interior design that always incorporates a general sense of style and luxury. The interior of the RC350 is pretty solid when it comes to the overall finish and build quality and incorporates tons of premium materials. The ergonomics of the slightly oddly-shaped layout of the multi-layered centre work just fine, in addition to the seats being well-bolstered and snug enough to confidently hold average-sized adults even during longer trips.

Jack of All Trades

While the saying “jack of all trades, but a master of none” could be adequately used to describe the Lexus RC350, it doesn’t change the fact that it performs beautifully where it matters most – the overall value for money and sensation it provides to its owner. It comes bearing the gifts of satisfying performance, a chic interior and sporty looks. If you’re on the market for an eye-catching, luxurious and plenty reliable sport coupe that incorporates much more than you initially thought you’re getting, the RC350 is the Lexus for you.