Lexus RX 350L: Third Row Seating for Six

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Over the years, Lexus has been known for its luxury vehicles that have created talks among its competitors. It has its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. The brand, which is a division of Toyota, is sold in over 70 territories and countries globally. Because of the quality of cars it produces, Lexus has grown to become the largest seller of luxury cars in Japan. Until Lexus RX 350L was released, the company had to fill a need within their lineup. Many people were asking how the company could be missing a premium three-row, city-oriented model that can accommodate more than 5 people, especially in this age of the sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

Even though the LX 570 and GX 460 have a third row, they have body-on-frame construction and V8 engines, which make them unfavorably fuel hungry. But Lexus listened and this is where the Lexus RX 350Ls comes in. They not only offer three rows of seating but they carry more than five people and come in two versions: hybrid version (RX 450hL) and gas-only version (RX 350L).

Lexus RX 350L Driving Experience and Performance

There are many factors you may consider when you are looking to purchase a car. Key among them are a comfortable and pleasant driving experience. With the poor state of some roads, especially those in the outskirts of the city, you need a car that can give you the feeling of a well-paved highway. The RX 350L fits that description because it is all about comfort. It is a 6-passenger, five-door luxury SUV with a front-mounted motor which makes driving look like a child’s play. Even rugged roads will feel smoother under this all-wheel-drive SUV and you will hardly detect any road or tire noise.

This car boasts of a powerful and large engine that ensures it can hold enough juice for the journey. Its torque and the 8-speed automatic transmission makes the performance and the general driving experience smooth and effortless.

Safety is Number one Priority of RX 350L

The RX 350L is compliant with the Lexus Safety System Plus safety standards. This is a comprehensive security suite comprising of four high-tech safety systems including pre-collision system, intelligent beams, lane assistance, and dynamic radar cruise control. Need to mention more? The RX 350L also comes with rain-sensing wipers, meaning you will not have to manually switch your wipers on and off. Additionally, it comes with a windshield wiper de-icer, a blind spot monitor, LED cornering lamps, a 360-degree camera system and parking sensors.

Extra Length Gives Extra Room

Compared to the RX 350, the RX 350L is longer by 4.4 inches, but their overall width and wheelbases are the same. This additional length has been taken to the third row. However, the second row of the RX 350L is shorter than that of the RX 350 in terms of legroom. But this doesn’t mean the second row of the RX 350L doesn’t have enough room for adult legs to move about. The advantage of this model is that the middle row seat is able to slide back and forth, so you can create more room on either row as your need might be.

Lexus RX 350L Interior Hits the Mark

Lexus has competency in making high-quality, quiet cabins as seen in all its former models. The RX 350L follows the same trend with its standard leather upholstery that makes the interior look comfy and elegant. The centre console has been made wide but it somehow eats into the leg space on the driver’s side. It has even been padded to ensure the right knee is comfortable while driving.

In all, the RX 350L stands out among its peers and its presence in the market has caused a lot of excitement among car lovers. This is more so because of its state-of-the-art security features and its engine, which is powerful yet very economical.