Lexus RX400h: A stylish and smooth riding compact SUV

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Lexus RX400h

Debuted in 2005, the Lexus RX400h is a luxury sport-ute that showcases the fuel-saving benefits of the Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain beautifully. If you’re looking for a used hybrid, keep reading.

The Lexus RX400h is a luxury SUV that first saw the light of day in North America in 2005. It has survived a number of upgrades and updates since that time but remains one of the most fuel-efficient cars in its class by far. This is thanks to Lexus Hybrid Drive technology that enables this SUV to average 9.7 litres of premium unleaded per 100 kilometres. In addition to being pretty intelligent, there’s a ton of other features included in this car that make it a worthy consideration even if you’re not on the market for a used car. Here’s what you need to know.

Hybrid Power for Great Fuel Economy

The reason why this is such a great car is that it is powered by a standard 3.3-litre V6 combined with a powerful electric motor. Because it is capable of operating in separate electric or gasoline modes, in addition to a third mode that merges power from both, the RX400h is a full hybrid in every sense of the word. The peak output of the entire system is equivalent to around 268 horsepower at 5,600 rpm. Another pretty awesome powertrain feature of the RX400h is its on-demand electronic all-wheel drive, which uses a separate rear-drive electric motor.

Plenty of Intelligent Tech

The RX400h is also equipped with a regenerative braking system that helps to keep the battery charged. This means that the electric motor acts as a generator every time the brakes are applied in order to capture kinetic energy and convert it into electricity so it can recharge the battery. The gauge display showcases a nifty little pictogram that displays exactly what is going on in the system. You’re able to clearly see when regenerative braking is charging, when the SUV is using the battery only and when the V6 steps in to take care of things.

A Sure Bet in a Luxury Crossover That’s Very Hard to Beat

If you neglect the hybrid power for just one second, you’re left with a car that boasts impressive features in terms of safety, low maintenance costs, reliability and overall owner satisfaction. Designed to meet a wide range of needs, just some features that are or can be a part of your RX400h include radar cruise control, automatic xenon lights, automatic climate control, a sunroof, wood trim, navigation, Bluetooth, high-resolution Optitron gauges, climate controlled leather, head-up display and so much more.

Examples include plenty of smoothness, great styling, pretty good handling, traction in snowy weather, quiet ride, overall comfort and flexibility, well-appointed cabin, practical luxury and so much more. The Lexus RX400h also boasts the small matter of having a hybrid drive that makes it possible to achieve a pretty impressive fuel economy and that’s probably its biggest appeal. If you’re on the market for this specific used car and won’t take no for an answer, you’re on your way to becoming one very happy and satisfied hybrid owner.