Lexus UX 200: Spacious Cabin with Lots of Options

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Lexus has never disappointed when it comes to luxury cars, and the UX 200 is not an exception. When it hit the market, it triggered a lot of curiosity because it was the first Lexus vehicle to use the Global Architecture Compact platform, sharing this new technology with Toyota C-HR and Toyota Prius. The UX 200 has features that define what comfort is all about. It features a 60/40-split rear seat (foldable), power-adjustable front seats, automatic dual-zone climate control, selectable drive modes, push-button start and proximity entry, heated side mirrors, LED lights, 18-inch wheels, and much more.

Taking a Look Inside and Out

The UX 200’s engine consumes regular fuel, something that isn’t common in luxury cars. However, this is good news for most car buyers. The other thing that’s quite attractive about this engine is its considerably economical consumption of fuel due to its Self-Charging Hybrid Electric system. Hybrid also means it’s an eco-friendly vehicle, something most environmental enthusiasts are vouching for at all levels. The engine is not only efficient, but it’s also powerful. Combined with its generally optimal mechanical build, the car can accelerate to 90 kph in just 8.9 seconds. The TNGA platform on which the UX 200 is built feels more solid than that of Lexus NX, which is a bit larger. And if you like driving on rough terrains, the UX works well at smoothing the flaws on the road and helps in reducing tire and road noise. Lexus invested so much in technology to make this model what it is.

The UX provides spacious headroom, but compromises on the rear legroom, especially for taller drivers. It is a narrow car, so three adults may not fit in well across the backseat because of its small shoulder room. Depending on what your needs are for this car, there is a comfortable amount of room available. That aside, the UX 200 has some goodies. It offers ventilated and heated front seats and its power liftgate can work on hands-free mode. The UX 200 doesn’t have leather upholstery though, but its imitation leather on the seats works just fine because they are among the best in the market today. Furthermore, they are ventilated, meaning they don’t get sticky even at high temperatures.

The High Tech Touchpad Plus More

The UX 200’s center dashboard has a screen, which is 10.25in wide and is mounted high enough for ease of visibility. The car has some additional multimedia functions that many have been hoping for, including Amazon Alexa and Apple CarPlay integration. Alexia on the car allows you to connect to the Alexia app on your phone so you can use an auxiliary input or Bluetooth to play music and video through your car speakers. The CarPlay, on the other hand, has been described as the unrivaled copilot because it can be used to get directions, and it works with the controls of the car, including buttons, knobs, touchscreen or touchpad.

The UX 200 has a satellite radio that you can listen to via its 6-speaker audio system. It also boasts four USB ports just in case you may want to listen to music from your memory sticks. Alternatively, you can play online music because it has onboard Wi-Fi.

As you can see the UX 200 is proving to be a really good car. Many people like it because of its low fuel consumption courtesy of its durable 4-cylinder engine. Its set of parking sensors is also something that many consumers have mentioned as their favourite. It’s worth a look and test drive to experience the true feeling of being behind the wheel.