Lexus UX 250h: Luxurious Self-charging Hybrid

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It seems as if the popularity of the SUVs and crossovers is not going to stop soon, and check out the latest entrant the Lexus UX250H. Lexus may appear as a latecomer in this subcompact crossover segment, but it’s out to make a statement with this model, which offers a provocative combination of flashy design and hybrid technology.

Performance and Design Excellence

The UX 250h is a 5-passenger car that comes in F Sport trim and base levels. It uses a nickel-metal battery pack, two motor generators, and a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. This whole system gives it a power rating of 181hp. There is a third motor that is used to drive the rear wheel, making the 250h a four-wheel drive. It is a very stable car and is and fun to drive around turns and bends.

These new car designs by Lexus have invoked mixed reactions because of the outlandish style. These designers were thinking outside of the box when creating this car. The UX has ridges and angles that run from the front grille all the way to the rear. However, there are some unique things that differentiate this SUV from the others. Its grille is borrowed from an RX, its 3-element headlights are straight from the LC coupe, it's overall aesthetic and shape is from NX, and it has a plastic cladding running along its bottom. The F Sport version offered by Lexus will be available on both the hybrid and the gas models.

The interior of the UX has a chiseled styling. The dashboard is slightly tilted toward the driver and it has a widescreen display seated at its top. Lexus has maintained the design where the touchpad is at the center and is placed at the right of the gear stick. It doesn’t matter what name of the car you want, what is known is that comfort must be high on your list, and that is what the UX 250h offers best. From the shape of the seats to their leather upholstery, you might mistake it for a massage seat.

The UX 250 offers different types of leather for its upholstery that you can choose from depending on your taste. There is one influenced by Sashiko, a quilting technique that Japan is known for. There is also a type of leather finish in the UX that is borrowed from Lexus LS and LC. This is a bit of a surprise because those vehicles reside in a higher cost bracket compared to the UX. The F Sport models have additional features like a sport steering wheel, sport seats, and a TFT display, which is 8-inch in length.

Its other interesting features include LED lights, 18-inch wheels, heated side mirrors, selectable drive modes, simulated leather upholstery, proximity entry and push-button start, power adjustable front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, and much more.

Entertainment and Convenience

Whether you are just travelling your regular commute or hitting the open road, UX 250h’s forward-looking audio systems make it convenient and easy to control your music on the go. It offers an infotainment system with 7-inch touchscreen screen, Bluetooth support, 6-speaker audio system, smartphone app-based navigation, satellite radio, four USB ports, an onboard Wi-Fi, and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration.

Lexus UX 250H is the car of the moment and it’s suitable for all roads, rugged or smooth. Many like it because of the comfort it offers and because of the attractive interior materials. It also has some respectable features such as cabin noise cancellation and sporty seats. Its standalone options are also something that many drivers have mentioned favorably. They include a sunroof, a heated steering wheel. an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, triple-beam LED headlights and a windshield wiper de-icer. This is a car that is worth a second look.