Lincoln: Performance, Technology and Design Shaped Around You

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Lincoln is a division of the Ford Motor Company and it’s a very successful automotive brand. Let’s take a closer look at Lincoln and what cars they have to offer.

The Lincoln Motor Company is a well known American brand and it is currently owned by the Ford Motor Company. Although the brand is primarily sold in North America, it was also introduced to other parts of the world. The brand has various vehicles available, including sedans, SUVs, and special vehicles intended for limousine use.

Lincoln has been known throughout the years to be a very reliable automotive brand. The first car was manufactured in 1917 and it had a powerful V8 engine. This car was marketed as a luxury automobile, and the company experienced great success.

Lincoln Models

A Brief History

Lincoln is a motor company founded in 1917 by a father and son team, and the company was named after Abraham Lincoln. Although the company specializes in automotive vehicles, they have also supplied aircraft engines, using cylinders from the Ford Motor Company. The Lincoln Company suffered a few financial losses in the 1920s, which led to it being forced into bankruptcy and subsequently sold to the Ford Motor Company in 1922.

The company made a few significant changes the subsequent models over the years, and in 1924, police departments started to use large touring sedans. These vehicles were also specially equipped with features such as bulletproof windshields.

In 1932 the company produced a V12 car and it also had a brand-new patent. By 1940, the Lincoln Motor Company changed and became the Lincoln Division of Ford Motor Company, the same year when the Continental was manufactured, which was a popular personal luxury car.

Some of the most popular cars over the years include the Zephyr 4-door, as well as the H-series and the Continental Coupe. Another great benefit of the brand is that it has a rich history of providing official vehicles for the United States president. This includes various limousines, which has helped to give the brand its appeal and value over the years.

The modern MKC features drive control, a hands-free liftgate, and use of the Lincoln app. This allows you to schedule pickup and delivery, reserve parking, and even contact a personal concierge. It gives an impressive fuel consumption of 11.8 L per 100 km in the city.

Lincoln cars will always be known as stylish and strong. It's a brand that has built its reputation on the success of popular models such as the Continental. They have an exciting lineup of vehicles to offer and they continue to impress with their performance and unique style.