Lincoln Mark LT: A luxury pick up that exceeds expectations

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Lincoln Mark LT

The Lincoln Mark LT is a big car that comes with such features as an imposing exterior design, impressive hauling and towing ability, as well as smooth ride quality and handling.

In production between 2006 and 2008, the Lincoln Mark LT was the second attempt of the company to build a luxury pickup truck. Pioneering such a bold mission was the Lincoln Blackwood, criticized for being impractical and overpriced, though it did have several interesting and unique features. The Mark LT was conceived as being more stylish and practical. Based off of the Ford F-150 full-size pickup, Lincoln’s take on the truck resulted in unique exterior styling cues, as well as a more upscale and contemporary interior. Here’s everything you need to know about this truck.

Signature Power

One look behind the signature Lincoln grille of the Mark LT revealed a 300-horsepower 5.4-litre V8 that generated an impressive 365 lb.-ft. of torque harnessed through a four-speed automatic transmission. Buyers were able to opt between a two- and four-wheel-drive variant, depending on their respective traction requirements. Five passengers were able to sit very comfortably inside the LT’s luxurious cabin, which had such features as contrasting coloured piping, leather seats, as well as chrome-trimmed gauges that included Lincoln’s logo. Elements of refinement were similarly found throughout, from the exposed stitching on the shifter and steering wheel to the faux wood trim and leather on the dash.

A Full-Size Luxury Workhorse

While the low-end grunt typically present in similarly sized V8 powerhouses was absent, the Mark LT did have plenty of quiet and smooth power delivery. The LT also offered a comfortable and smooth highway ride to its passengers thanks to the suspension being on the soft side, with an understandably stiff handling. One of the most impressive features of the truck was by far the fact that it stopped acceptably short given that it is a vehicle that weighed several tons when fully loaded.

Premium Pickup Styling & Tech

Only one trim level was to ever be found on the LT, with standard features that included a premium MP3/CD audio system, keyless entry, heated front seats, wood trim and leather seating. Optional upgrades, on the other hand, included running boards, bed-rail caps, chromed 18-inch wheels, a power rear window, a rearview camera, navigation system and rear-seat DVD entertainment. The Mark LT was also only available as a full-size crew-cab truck in two sizes. The first was a standard-wheelbase model that incorporated a 1.7-metre long bed, while the second was a longer-wheelbase version of the truck that came with a 1.9-metre long bed.

A Uniquely Purposed Truck

The Lincoln Mark LT was a car with a difficult mission from the moment it took shape on the drawing board till the moment the decision was made to discontinue it. It was meant to outshine its F-150 cousin with style and bling; whether it succeeded in doing so is still open for debate. One thing is certain, and that is that the Mark LT is an astonishing vehicle in its own right: it has tons of luxury and superb build quality in every detail, it boasts a powerful engine capable of providing reliability whether you’re cruising or hauling tons of weight, its imposing exterior presence is as commanding as it is satisfying to look at and the list just goes on. Definitely consider investing in the Mark LT if you need a heavy hauler you wouldn’t be ashamed of cruising the town with later that same evening.