Mazda MPV: A minivan with little more zoom

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Mazda MPV

Mazda MPV is a minivan fit for your trips to the grocery store and school to pick up the kids. Yet it still has that fun side of all Mazda cars, so you won't be bored by this impressive minivan.

The MPV debuted in 1984, when the first mix between a van and a car arrived, promising to deliver a spacious vehicle that can be driven like a car. Since then, the minivan has evolved a lot, but it remains a family vehicle. Mazda MPV is marketed as a “sporty van”, which might sound a bit exaggerated, especially because someone who buys this car is aware their sports car days are pretty much over.

Power and Driving Experience

The large Mazda MPV is powered by a 3.0 litre six cylinder engine, which delivers 200 horsepower controlled by a five-speed automatic transmission. This is an innovation on the minivan market, as most cars in this class have a four-speed transmission. Mazda MPV is also equipped with slope control, which comes in handy on steep hills.

Compared to other minivans, fuel consumption for the MPV is efficient, without being the most efficient. To compensate for that, the MPV offers more power and a more dynamic driving experience.

Mazda MPV scored four and five stars in the security tests for both first row passengers and second-row passengers. The tests were conducted without the side airbags, which are optional in LX and GS models.

A Comfortable Interior Design

Standard features of the MPV include air conditioning, power steering, AM/FM stereo with CD player, air filtration system and cloth upholstery provide a comfortable ride. The audio and climate controls are easily accessible from the steering wheel, giving the driver an even more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

GS version comes with power window and door locks, power heated mirrors, driver seat height adjustment and passenger armrests. The GT takes Mazda MPV one step higher and comes with rear seat air conditioning, leather seats, power sliding doors and leather steering wheel.

A feature that is going to have a lot of fans among parents is the ceiling mounted entertainment system, which can play DVD and MP3s. The screen also has a remote control and outputs for video games to keep the passengers entertained during long trips.

Space and Convenience

Mazda MPV is a very spacious, both in the front seat and in the back seat. The second row of seats can move back and forth in order to turn into a bench when needed. The middle row captain's chairs can be removed or placed on the ground and turned into recliners.

The rear bench seat can be placed upright, turned to 90 degrees or folded flat, depending on one's needs. It also has a center storage console between the two front seats, multiple cup holders, vanity mirrors and assist grips on the back of the front seats. The cargo area is equipped with hooks, which can be used to tie down luggage or bikes. Still leaving you enough space to seat five people comfortably.

Mazda MPV is a reliable minivan, which can easily be used to transport your family, as well as your luggage or sports gear when needed. Despite its large size, it is a good city car and the large windows provide great visibility, so parking is not going to be an issue.