MazdaSpeed6: A mature performance with hard-edged performance

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Mazdaspeed6 is a powerful sports sedan with a an adventurous engine that provides enough adrenaline for an enthusiastic driver. The smart design makes it an attractive vehicle, promising to deliver a fun ride.

Mazda's Four Wheel Missile of a Car

Mazdaspeed6 is the highly refined take on the past Mazda models. The new sedan is equipped with a four cylinder 2.3 litre engine , the Hitachi turbocharger and a stiff frame, which provide the speed you would expect from a sports car. It can be wild, given its powerful engine, so the AWD is what keeps this car from turning into an unmanageable beast. The experience is also enhanced by the car's exhaust noise, a delight for those who love sports cars.

The 2.3 litre engine delivers 280 ft lbs of torque and 274 horsepower, sending it all to the front wheels. When the car is pushed above 2,000 rpm, it becomes a missile, as the power fills the entire sedan. A six speed manual transmission enables the driver to connect with the car and road. MazdaSpeed6 is ready for a fun drive with a firmer damping, larger anti-roll bars and a stiffer frame. Given all the power packed in Mazdaspeed6, the AWD system comes as a safety measure. When it detects even the slightest slip, it divides the torque, sending 50% of it to the rear wheels. This provides more stability to the car. All these features control the powerful Mazdaspeed6 and allow it to deliver a safe, yet fun ride.

A Sports Car and a Family Car in One Vehicle

Despite having the looks and feel of a sports car, Mazdaspeed6 is also a family vehicle. It is spacious both in the front back seats and has a large trunk, which can easily accommodate the weekly groceries. Also, the second seat row can easily accommodate a child's car seat.

When it comes to safety, the standard AWD keeps the car on the road and the airbag system protects the passengers from severe injuries. There are side airbags and rear airbags which protect the passengers in the back and MazdaSpeed6 is also equipped with antilock brakes, which prevent the driver from losing control.

The interior of the car follows the vehicle's sports look. It has a standard all black fabric interior, with optional black leather inserts. The pedals are covered in aluminum alloy, which makes them look perfect for a sports car. Mazdaspeed6 has automatic window controls, seven speakers BOSE sound system, keyless entry and ignition. To start the car you only need a device which replaces the keys. The downside to this system is that you still need the keys to lock the car, which might be frustrating for those who lose their keys often. In the optional package you will find a moonroof, DVD-based navigation system and xenon headlights.

Mazdaspeed6 is a sports car for a mature driver, who will enjoy the elegant look of the vehicle as well as the amazing power under the hood. Apart from the thrilling ride, Mazdaspeed6 offers good fuel mileage and upscale features, which blend in well with the car's ability to turn into a family car when needed.