Mazda Miata: An iconic 2-seater that delivers driving bliss

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Mazda Miata

Mazda Miata is pure driving bliss on four wheels, being one of the best vehicles in its class. Lightweight and flexible, Miata provides an impressive performance, more than 20 years since its debut.

When Mazda Miata made its debut, almost 30 years ago, it was a sleek two seater sports car with a soft top, guaranteed to suit every taste. Characterized by three main features: reliability, simplicity and affordability, the Miata turned into the most popular sports car in the world. Now, it keeps its place and comes with a new design and features.

The new hardtop is a welcomed change from the soft top of older Mazda Miata models. It also opens up a new market, as it turns the roadster into an all-weather convertible. Now you can rely on Mazda Miata all year round, so buyers who couldn't afford to invest in a summer-only car, can now enjoy this sports car.

Retractable Fastback

The Miata is also goes by the name Miata RF, the latter standing for Retractable Fastback, referring to the foldable hardtop. The innovative folding roof is made of three sections: front, middle and the back window. When the roof is open, the front and middle sections are stored behind the two seats, while the back window remains in place to protect the passengers from wind. Compared to previous versions, Mazda Miata doesn't lose trunk space when the foldable roof is stowed behind the seats. The addition of the hardtop hasn’t changed the Miata's performances on the road either, even if it is heavier than the soft top version.

Silent and Lightweight

When driving with the open roof, the car provides a rather quiet environment, which enable the two passengers to talk without having to shout. The double wishbone front suspension and the rear multi-link setup pair with the powerful engine to provide a fun ride. Once you push the acceleration, the Mazda Miata is going to prove its name as a sports car, remaining very easy to handle, especially on the tight turns.

The inside of Mazda Miata comes with all the basic features, but leave the driving experience do all the talking. The two seats are very comfortable, providing enough room for both tall and short drivers. You also have the option to recline, without losing any of the comfort.

The base version of Mazda Miata can be enhanced with one of the two optional packages. The Sport Package comes with Brembo front brakes, red painted calipers and Recaro sport seats. The GT includes leather seats, Bose audio system, automatic climate control, lane departure warning and high beam control.

Mazda Miata is an impressive product, which provides an affordable, fun to drive experience to those looking for a sports car. With its new hardtop, the Miata looks even better than before, appealing to a broader audience.