Mazda B-Series: Practical and Capable

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Mazda is a Japanese carmaker which was formerly owned by the American automotive giant, Ford. This is the reason why their vehicles were being sold under the Ford banner for years all across the world. That trend, though, also took an opposite turn and many Ford vehicles have also been sold with the Mazda badge on their hood. This happens to be the case with the Mazda B-Series pickups which are basically the Ford Ranger in a Mazda costume.

Under The Hood

The B-Series model trucks have a specification sheet that does not look as if it belongs to a pickup when you are reading it. In Canada, the truck is powered by a 4.0-litre overhead-valve V6 engine that gives it substantial power for both decent performance on the road and heavy-duty hauling capabilities. The truck comes with a five-speed manual and an optional five-speed automatic transmission. It also comes with a four-wheel drive mode, which is great for mixed conditions and going off the road.

Sporty Worker

The look of the B4000 4x4 perfectly matches its character. The rough look of the truck ideally depicts its versatility combined with the wide stance, while the high positioning gives off the impression of a really strong and heavy-duty vehicle. Its smooth rounded edges give it the sporty look that matches its performance pretty well. And a raised suspension gives it an even more aggressive look and makes it resemble the dirt-track racer with the sixteen-inch alloy wheels just adding to this image.

On the inside of the truck, the first thing you notice is the 60/40 front bench, which comes with three seats and three seatbelts. For Canadian customers, the only available body-type is the one with an extended cab that brings to the cabin two additional jump seats in the back of the truck, both of which are facing sideward. Canadian models also come with power windows, power locks, and a full AM/FM/CD audio system. Interior room and storage space are abundant, which makes the ride comfortable for the driver and the passengers while allowing them to store more of their possessions. The seats are positioned high and give the driver a commanding view of his surroundings. The driver also has the controls at his hand’s reach thanks to the fact that every possible command is located on the centre stack.

Pulling The Load

B-Series is one of the most versatile pickup trucks out there. Its main strength lies in its ability to act as a load hauler. The V6 engine gives the driver the power to be able to perform on the road almost on par with a sports vehicle. On top of that speed and power, the B4000 comes with great stability which it owes to the elevated suspension and its enormously wide stance. The four-wheel drive also makes it gain a more reliable grip on the tarmac, which especially comes in handy when the road is not dry and when most of the two-wheel-drive cars are bound to end up in a ditch if not careful.

In these situations, the Mazda truck is absolutely reliable. In addition, the driver of this four-by-four has the option of leaving the comfort of the paved road and venture off the beaten tracks thanks to the four-wheel drive and the great suspension. When it comes to safety, this Mazda pickup is well equipped with seatbelts which, as a standard, come with pretensioners. On top of that, the cabin is equipped with dual-stage frontal airbags and side airbags that can be deactivated with a press of a button to ensure the safety of the children and babies that are seated in their special seats. Safety, reliability, sturdiness, and power – what more could you wish for in a pickup truck?