CLS Class: Fuel efficiency and performance with a touch of elegance

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Following its launch, the Mercedes-Benz CLS was truly something no one had seen before. Designers at Mercedes-Benz went out of their comfort zone and gave birth to a whole generation of 4 door cars that came with a sleek and sporty look. This groundbreaking and unorthodox idea’s gone on to influence pretty much every car maker out there, but on this occasion, we will lay the case for the CLS and everything it has to offer.

Unique Design

With the CLS, the designer team at Mercedes-Benz wanted to ensure that no comfort would be sacrificed while driving a sports car. A distinctly arched roofline and perfectly sculpted flanks gave the CLS a very unique and aggressive look. As a result, the stylish silhouette of the Mercedes-Benz CLS is easily distinguishable from afar. New models often feature a very muscular look as well, while at the same time ensuring that a touch of elegance is always present and noticeable.

Once you are behind the steering wheel, the familiar high-end design of Mercedes-Benz will be there for you without fault. It is well known that Mercedes-Benz takes great pride in the interior design of their cars and that is clearly visible in all iterations of the CLS. An easily accessible dashboard, a perfectly positioned steering wheel and easy control of all gadgets and functions provided by the COMMAND (screen-based interface) will make your drive smoother than ever. With a single touch, you’ll be able to assume control of audio, air-conditioning, and navigation. At the same time, the seats are perfectly shaped and contoured, so even a long distance trip will feel easier in the CLS.

Playfully Vibrant Ton the Road

The latest Mercedes-Benz CLS comes with a 4.6-litre V8 twin-turbo engine. This outstanding and incredibly capable power plant is able to produce 402 horsepower, paired up with the 9-speed automatic transmission. Simultaneously, a 48-volt hybrid system also calls the CLS home. According to the Mercedes-Benz team, the hybrid will be able to match the performance of the V8, so both options will be available to those who plan to explore the full potential of the sportier side of the CLS.

Simply put, the CLS is both designed and engineered to dominate pretty much all surfaces. In other words, driving balance and precise handling are turned into art thanks to the newest addition to the CLS-Class family. Despite its length, the Mercedes-Benz CLS is incredibly easy to maneuver, so the vehicle is a perfect fit for urban areas. Owners will be presented with a standard package of driving modes: ECO will greatly contribute to fuel efficiency, COMFORT, with its balanced configuration, will be there to ensure you make the most of your daily drive, while SPORT and SPORT+ will allow you to experience everything the CLS has to offer on the open road, once it’s truly unleashed.

A Revolutionary Thoroughbred

There are very few cars that have defined the market in the way the CLS has. It can safely be said that the CLS has already achieved legendary status. Mercedes-Benz set out to combine the sporty and athletic look of the coupé with the comfort and elegance of their well-known S-class. In that regard, the CLS has fulfilled all of its duties. Simply put, this is a luxury car fit for every role: having evolved over time, the CLS brought to the table an interesting fusion of futuristic design, luxurious interior, effortless handling, outstanding performance, and outstanding comfort levels. Considering that these attributes are sought after by literally every driver out there, there is no doubt that the CLS-Class is a perfect choice for every car lover out there.