Mercury: Premium Brand of Ford

Explore the line of Mercury classic sedans, SUVs, and convertibles


Mercury has manufactured various models and was declared defunct in the end. It was under Ford’s management and we’ll take a look at the brand’s history.

Mercury is a division of the Ford Motor Company and it was established in the late 1930s. The brand was intended to breach the gap in pricing between the Lincoln and the Ford vehicles, making it similar to the role of Oldsmobile within General Motors.

The company was discontinued in 2010 and production stopped in the 4th quarter. The company sold their vehicles in the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Middle East.

Mercury Models

A Brief History

Mercury is a brand under the Ford Motor Company and it was established in 1938. Ford felt that they were at the competitive disadvantage with General Motors and the Chrysler Corporation, as both of these offer a comprehensive line of models. Ford decided to launch its own version and this is where the brand came to be.

Edsel Ford started Mercury as a separate company and the name was chosen between more than 100 potential model names. Named after the Roman god which was known for his great speed and stylish winged sandals, Mercury made quite a debut with their vehicle line in 1939.

They came out with a new car type that didn't have the Ford or Lincoln body panels and was also six inches wider than the Ford with a 116-inch wheelbase. In order to keep production costs at a minimum, the car was offered with a 95 horsepower Ford flathead V8.