Grand Marquis: Comfort and Class

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The Mercury Grand Marquis is a vehicle that is best described as being reminiscent of a time when North American-made cruisers ruled the roads. Nowadays, customers looking for an innovative and bold car would probably go for a modern looking compact or crossover. On the other end of the spectrum, those aiming for something that’s comfortable, inexpensive and honest means they’ll likely end up in a Ford. And if you want something in between – something that tells the tale of how things used to be in the good old days, when rear-wheel drive and upscale features were symbolic of North American-made cars, you’ve got the Grand Marquis; an automobile that stays true to the roots of the company. Alas, as it was produced between 1975 and 2011, it is now available as a used automotive icon only.

Keeping The Flame Alive

Along with its first-ever tachometer and thanks to its redesigned analogue gauge cluster, the Marquis keeps the muscle car flame alive. Upon climbing in and firing up the cammer V8, you’ll be welcomed by an almost forgotten sound – a distant, low-pitched rumble from the ghosts of big-block Marauders and Cyclones. Even though you’ll be at the receiving end of “just” 239 horsepower, your everyday drives won’t be lacking in any regard when it comes to power. You only get four gears to play around with, which is more than enough for your daily needs.

Everything One Hopes For On The Road

A genuine pleasure in the corners, the Grand Marquis provides the kind of fun new and modern-day cars just don’t provide anymore. Rear-wheel drive, plenty of torque, involving steering and composed suspension ensure complete fun and comfort from the moment you put the column shifter into first and hit the throttle to the moment you park it and shut off the big V8. Five-star crash test ratings are there to ensure the complete safety of those whose driving courage has a tendency to exceed their skill, and at the same time, the body-on-frame chassis with hydroformed components is there to guarantee the smoothest ride you’ve probably felt in a long time. So smooth, in fact, that thing like speed bumps and potholes are not felt throughout the drive at all.

While not among the most advanced four-wheeler on the road today when it comes to interior appointments and gadgets, there is plenty to be said about the overall comfort level it provides. First and foremost, the front pair of seats are so indulgent that you’d be hard-pressed not to compare them to a five-star hotel’s penthouse suite furniture. The situation improves even further if you fold the deeply padded armrests; the backseat is limo-size in all fairness. A forgotten delight, six-passenger seating in a sedan is something that the Grand Marquis still offers its customers. Add to that the Brick House trunk of the Merc that houses an astonishingly powerful stereo system designed to announce your arrival via sound long before the majestic Marquis is ever seen.

The Last Of The Greats

If you’re on the market for a small and tight four-wheeler with otherworldly and head-spinning new age design, you’d probably be better off with a Toyota. But if you’re looking to get a bargain, extreme value for your money and an elegant and iconic four-wheeler, the Mercury Grand Marquis is definitely something to keep at the top of your shopping list.

Offering tons of comfort, V8 power with surprisingly good fuel economy, rear-wheel drive and a ridiculous price, the Marquis is practically a giveaway these days. An old-school car in its own right, the Marquis serves as a reminder of how cars used to be made, making it incredibly desirable. Definitely consider investing in one if for anything, then for the sheer amount of symbolism it represents (and the enormous practicality that goes along with it).