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With stylish looks and a compact size, mini is seen as a legendary car for many automotive enthusiasts. We look at their history and their popular models.

When it comes to style, Mini is definitely a favorite brand among car enthusiasts. This subsidiary of BMW started out with a very iconic look and have produced a number of popular models over the years. The performance versions of these models use the name Cooper and these are quite popular too.

The car used to be a product of the British Motor Corporation but the brand was acquired by BMW in 2000. The Mini models are manufactured by the BMW plant in Cowley, England and they manufacture various types of cars, including hardtops, coupes, roadsters, and convertibles.

Mini Models

A Brief History

The original car was a two-door car and was first manufactured by the British Motor Corporation in 1959. It was part of a line of models, including the Austin Seven, the Morris Mini-Minor and the Countryman. The performance vehicles use the name Cooper and this is as a result of a partnership between John Cooper, a racing legend.

In 1996, Mini became part of the British Motor Corporation which in turn became part of British Motor Holdings. They merged in 1968 with Leyland Motors, and by 1994, the brand was acquired by BMW.

Mini arrived in Canada in 2002 and customers can now choose between various models such as the Mini 3 Door, the Mini 5 Door, and the Mini Convertible. There's also the Mini Countryman, which is rugged, strong and available as a hybrid electric model.

Some of the popular models include the One, the Cooper, and the Cooper S. The Cooper S is seen as the sporty version and is available in three models, the Hardtop, Clubman, and Convertible. It has a turbocharged engine and was first manufactured in 2007.

The One is one of the most popular models and it was first introduced in 2000. This model was powered by a 1.4-litre engine in most European countries. A convertible model was introduced in 2004 and the convertible roof was also a first for such a small car, being fully automatic.

Mini remains an iconic, original brand with an exciting lineup. From the original Mini to the Clubman and convertible versions, the brand stays true to its roots and offers an exciting, vibrant, and energetic experience with every journey.