Clubvan: Practical and stylish van

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Imagine that you are your own boss. You have followed your dream and you have been in business for several years. They have been tough, but now everything has fallen into place. The business flourishes, which means that it is a fine time to get yourself a van and continue to expand. But, now you’re faced with a big decision: which one to buy? In case you do not need a large van or you simply do not like them, getting a Mini Clubvan would be the best thing to do. Keep on reading to learn more about this versatile vehicle.

A Van That Catches Everybody’s Eye

By buying the Clubvan you will not only meet your needs as a businessman, but you will also be able to enjoy each and every ride. You can be sure that this vehicle will attract people’s attention since it has a stylish and unusual appearance. This is a nice urban vehicle that you can use for daily driving- it is comfortable, has good performance and it is also eye-catching. What more could one want?

The first thing to notice about the cabin is that the level of noise inside is quite low. This is something that will certainly make each and every ride more pleasant. In addition to this, the seats are comfortable and they are separated from the cargo area with a trendy-looking bulkhead which is topped with a sturdy wire-mesh divider. The interior of the Clubvan is quite impressive, while the driving experience is more than enjoyable.

The Clubvan Has A Lot Of Space To Offer

The Mini Clubvan comes with no rear seats. Because of this, there is a lot of cargo space in this vehicle. Plus, the inside of the cargo area is well-protected. For this purpose, on the floor and the sides you’ll find synthetic coverings. In addition to this, there are six cargo-securing buckles on the floor. Another thing that you will adore about this van is that there are two 12-volt sockets where you can plug in a small WiFi router, among other things. You can be sure that your smartphone will work like a charm.

A Van That Can Meet All Of Your Needs

If you are thinking about getting a van that is not too big, has a comfortable and fashionable cabin and is fun to drive, go for the Mini Clubvan. This will be a decision you will certainly not regret. The Clubvan is a commercial vehicle that offers a pleasant and comfortable ride. It is also very safe, which means that the things you load in it will not get damaged nor will they roll over on top of one another. Invest in the Clubvan if you value a good combination of practicality and style.