Mitsubishi: Sixth biggest Japanese automaker

Explore the line of Mitsubishi classic sedans, SUVs, and hybrids


Mitsubishi is known as a powerful auto brand and sells their cars to consumers around the world. We take a closer look at the Mitsubishi brand.

When it comes to cars, especially to racing, Mitsubishi is a very popular brand. The company is a Japanese motor brand and manufactures a variety of cars with its headquarters in Tokyo. In Canada, Mitsubishi funds the Breakfast Club of Canada, which helps feed children in need and supports a greener, sustainable future.

Mitsubishi Models

A Brief History

The company was first established in 1834 as a shipping firm. The name was then changed in 1873 and it consists of two parts, namely ‘mitsu’ which means ‘three’, and ‘bishi’ which translates as ‘three diamonds’. During the second world war, Mitsubishi also manufactured military aircraft and pilots were amazed by its manoeuvrability, making it very successful in combat.

In 2004, Mitsubishi launched its 10 Year 160,000 km Powertrain Warranty in Canada, and in 2012 it celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Canada.

The company manufactures a variety of cars, and some of the most well known models include the Mirage, Pajero, Outlander and the Triton. These are just a few of the admired Mitsubishi models that are seen around the world today. The Mirage features a fuel efficiency of 6.5L/100 km, as well as a five-speed manual transmission, Active Stability Control, and Traction Control Logic. It also has distinctive front fog lights and a wind-channeled hood. It's an ideal family car. The Pajero Sport is a sports utility vehicle that has specifically been designed for people who want to experience genuine four-wheel drive performance as well as luxurious style and cutting-edge technology.

Mitsubishi Motor Sport

Mitsubishi is actively involved in motorsport, especially in the rally. They have taken part in various World Rally championships and has also achieved various pole positions. Ralliart is the high-performance division of Mitsubishi Motors and it was responsible for the development part of the company's racing.

Mitsubishi remains a very active brand, manufacturing new vehicle models and giving back to the community via various programs. The company is setting its sights on the next generation of EV models and connected technology and promises to continue delivering the best and most cost-effective vehicles to Canada and the rest of the world.