Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: Five Different Trim Options

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A great sporty compact SUV is simply what describes the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. This car has great handling, comfortable and a ride that is hardly forgettable. Its exterior design is impressive, and if you’re looking for a small crossover-SUV that stands out on the road, then the Eclipse will keep you in the limelight. Its rich interior is packed with sophisticated technology to make your road trip as convenient as possible. The Eclipse’s driving experience is one of a kind with excellent feedback from the steering that makes you feel confident and steady as you maneuver the busy roads.

From a stylish exterior to outstanding performance, the Eclipse has become more noticeable to most car buyers. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Eclipse stand out.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exterior and Interior Design

The sharply sculpted lines on the exterior of the body plus striking alloy wheels add flavour to its sleek appearance giving it a strong stance that attracts most car buyers. The Eclipse is available in bold colors like a red diamond, which makes it easily noticeable even from a distance. This combination of external features forms a pleasant overall design for the Eclipse.

What’s amazing about the interior? Eclipse’s interior is made up of high-quality materials, from the seats to the steering material. Its front and rear seats are well-shaped, with the front seats being supportive and comfortable. Its cabin is moderately low with an automatic climate control system that keeps the cabin conducive even on a hot day. Eclipse’s cabin is spacious with sufficient legroom and headroom for both the front and rear seats. The inside cargo space is roomy with adequate load height that makes loading and unloading much easier even for those who are taller.

Cross Driving experience

Eclipse’s steering offers excellent feedback that gives you confidence while you’re on the road. You can apply light steering effort, and enjoy the natural response of its steering at low speeds. The driver’s seat is adjustable to ensure you achieve your desired driving position. It offers a stable ride and very responsive handling that makes driving much more comfortable. The Eclipse is all-wheel drive making it easy to drive even in roads that are not that conducive. When it comes to fuel economy, its turbocharged engine is fuel efficient allowing you to spend less on fuel as you enjoy the ride. Above all, the Eclipse is a crossover that will give you an amazing road experience. x

Modern Safety Technology

With the Eclipse, you’re assured of a safe ride wherever you go. It’s fitted with modern safety technology to ensure your road trip is as safe as possible. Some of these safety features include blind spot monitoring, lane change assist, adaptive cruise control, and many more driver assist features that help the driver to safely navigate on the roads. With these features in place, you’ll be able to keep a safe distance from others on the road to prevent collisions.

With its rich features, it’s no surprise that Eclipse is gaining popularity among car buyers who are looking for something sporty with great attention to safety. If you want that extraordinary feel at the wheel, then it’s time to check out the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.