Spyder: Sleek styling, powerful engine

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder makes for a decent convertible that anyone would be willing to own. It boasts all the bells and whistles that make a great sports coupe, so keep reading to learn more.

It is often said that there is no such thing as a bad convertible as long as the sun is shining warm and bright. Things only get better if one marries the folding roof with a shapely 2+2 body, a rich exhaust note and responsive engine. This is the description of a fun-to-drive, adventurist car that can fare equally well in less-than-sunny weather. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder embodies the company’s sporting heritage beautifully, continue reading to know more about this nifty and interesting car.

Powerful Enough To Pay Homage To Its Pedigree

As you’d expect from a thoroughbred roadster, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder comes with a 3.8-litre SOHC V6 engine that puts out a healthy 265 horsepower at 5,750 rpm. Paired with a close-ratio six-speed manual transmission and front wheel drive, the Eclipse Spyder generates 262 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,500 rpm. Thanks to such a setup, the Eclipse Spyder succeeds in doing what every true roadster is meant to accomplish – imbue the car’s occupants with the feeling they are going faster than they really are thanks to a precise engine and transmission combo. 0 to 100 kilometres an hour takes 6.8 seconds, which is more than plenty to justify the Spyder’s reputation of a proper roadster.

Anticipates Twisty Asphalt With Excitement

Handling is another aspect of the Eclipse Spyder in which it provides good reliability, as it hugs the road firmly, just like a great roadster should. While the parts are all there – a multi-link and coil setup at the rear, MacPherson struts with a strut tower bar up front as well as stabilizer bars at both ends – you might be surprised to discover that the factory setup favours a comfortable cruise rather than sporty driving. As a result, the Spyder absorbs all road irregularities very well and that means you’re in for a comfortable, yet exciting ride at the same time.

The Looks Are Definitely Reason Enough To Buy It

One of the basic reasons why people opt for convertibles as opposed to standard cars is the fact that there’s something special about being seen in one. This is a segment in which the Eclipse Spyder particularly excels, courtesy of a sleek body that remains eye-catching and futuristic even today. The folding top is a very useful feature, both because of its ease of use and the engineering that went into it. Folding in just 19 seconds, operating it involves simply unlatching two levers in the header panel and hitting a button. The cabin is very accommodating and includes heated leather seats, as well as a 650-watt Rockford-Fosgate sound system with nine speakers.

A Worthy Investment That Is The Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

When you opt to get your hands on a Mitsubishi, you’re not just buying a well-built Japanese car. You’re investing in history and pedigree, which is another way of saying reliability and durability. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder is a car that offers everything you’d expect from a sport convertible, as well as a couple of things you wouldn’t. Ample power and a soft comfortable ride mean you’re able to both cruise on a sunny day or play around with the exhaust noises whenever you feel like it, making the Eclipse Spyder a great daily driver for all purposes.